Wednesday, February 9, 2011

yes, I ain't gotz no agendas.....

I ain't gotz no clean underwear neither, no peace of mind, no money, no love, no job......see the whole world is full of things I ain't got.  Gotz no paper boy, cause the news ain't a-reading.... and I have no cafe no more.  Not one where you know the owner or the waitress knows you and you really don't have to read a menu to know what you want... or the waitress just brings you the eggs over easy with hashbrowns and whole wheat, cause she knows what you want. Don't gotz that no more. No more butcher shop where they will slice the bacon as thick as you want.... and the guy calls you by name. That's gone. Don't have a hardware store where the old guy can figure out what you need even if you can't explain it well......or at all.  The corner bakery is gone. A good home mad burger is gone. Ain't no 'Lucy' or 'Andy' or 'Green Acres' on TV to make me laugh.  No good FM stations worth tuning in to neither.  Not in my neck of Wisconsington.  Nope. All done. Used to have a mail man I knew by first name who would but boxes inside my back door cause he knew I didn't use the front. Nope. No more.
And there is no news to watch and trust.... just a bunch of fucking talking heads.

No bars around that sell pickled eggs and turkey gizzards neither.....less you want to head way north. Boy&Howdy.... the dinosaurs are dying and I sure miss them.  Truly I do, and if I think about it too much I'll just get sad. So I don't.

That's another thing done gone away on me.... my ability to think.  Not sure about that one..... guess I'll have to think about it a bit to make sure.

Well.... and here's the deal and it shouldn't be a surprise to those that read my pages and it really won't surprise those that don't....... but I just make up this stuff on the spur of the moment.  Yupp....get up and have a thought (which is totally and radically differn't than thinking) and I walk to the coffee house and type away.. (ain't gotz no internet at home, see) No first draft no second draft and there won't be no thrid draft until Oblio's opens.  Yupperz.... 99.9% of everything here is bullshit. And I like it that way, thank you very much!  See, if I did it any other way I would have to think and I already said I can't do that no more.
OK.... but I do this anywayz cause as everything else has disappeared, the stuff I liked, I realize what is sad about those things going away is that is where you saw, met, and talked with folks. Now everyone just goes to get what they need and then getz home.  Or, if you head out somewhere to have a drink at Applee-fucking-Bee's or TGI who gives a fuck, or any of those other goddam box-bars, you bring the folks you want to talk with with you.

Nope... see, and the way I see it, this is one of the last places I can go and meet interesting, thoughtful, articulate (mostly) people that may give me an idea or two or three.
Lately... that has what has happened, and I ain't gonna go into specifics because that would mean I would have to think again and I am thinking that I am giving up thinking for Lent.  Oh, talking about Lent, doan get me wrong.... I still ain't much into religion, about as much as I am into leftover french toast iffen you need to know... but anywayz I always liked Lent cause it was a good reason to give up on things that I never cared for anywayz.... like this year I am giving up Bill O'Rielly.  See, Lent has gotz some positive stuff about it that has nothing to do with Jesus or Easter Bunnies or any of all that.
Ok.... where was I...oh yeah..... see the deal is, and it ain't no deal.... but I have really run into nice folks on the blogs. That's it.  Done and Done. No more to it than that.

Sorry to all the folks that read all the way through this just to read that, but it's the stuff.

I ain't got no agendas..... and I am happy about it, too.  I think.

Oh.... ain't gotz no bananas, neither.


anita said...

" ... i read the news today, oh boy ... "

Sherry said...

Boy, bummer. I was most put off by the underwear thing. Didn't want to read more. Scary. But I did.

But you got two fine kids, and a few good friends, and all us internety types!

And you got instant communication and ways to read books online, and well, it makes up for some of it.

And, well, Lent is not giving up stuff you already DON't like! It's given up stuff you do! So do it right!

And I write off the top of my head mostly too. Can't stand editing. It's boring and stifles the creative winds. Yeah.

so don't worry, be happy. And well, the time's they are a changin' and let a little love in your heart, and well, you get the drifty.

okjimm said...

Anita!!! you found your way back to the pages!

//Lent is not giving up stuff you already DON't like! It's given up stuff you do!//
pfffttt...see!!! another reason I don't like religion! ;)

Randal Graves said...

anita's like Halley's Comet, internetsing once every 12 months.

Since you're done celebrating, how about sending that shiny trophy down here?

okjimm said...

but but but but Randal....youse town needs a football team, first!

Chef Cthulhu said...

The loss of those personal and public yet intimate places to be replaced by high-throughput facades is a real problem. And I won't deny you meet some great folks on the interwebz (and don't be sorry we read all of that just to read that) it's really sad that we are having more and more trouble dealing with each other face to face. Even out in the open carrying smart phones around all but insures you don't (or won't) interact with anyone. I commute an hour-plus each way and barely acknowledge anyone's existence, nor do they mine.

Hell Yeah, PACK! Only thing that would have made it better is if they'd broken the rapist's legs.

Cormac Brown said...

Yeah, Randal kinda beat me to it. You do have that shiny trophy that thirty-one other cities covet so much, so I'll gladly trade you one of our numerous decent radio stations for one Lombardi.

Sue said...

I haven't read the paper for 2 days, but not because I haven't tried. So much interrupting going on at my house it's hard for a girl to concentrate! ok jimm now tell me, why is it you have me on your blog list and I didn't respond with the same kind gesture? Since I have been peeking in on the dormant blog I will get right on that!

okjimm said...

Chef,,,, you gotz dat right on all accounts

Cormac... whoa a Jeuwine West coast FM station....??? I have to think aboutz dis!

Sue... gees I don't know... and it ain't no big deal... ya'll drops in anytime! :)

susan said...

Your reasons for blogging add up to the same ones I have.

Nice folks who are also interesting.

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