Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Perhaps later..... perhaps

I am not one to dwell on certain things.  It is easy enough to share what we like, what pleases us, what we love and how the moon at night can shape our dreams.

And then there is that which frightens us.... seemingly defeats us, and that we tuck into corners both sharp and dangerous and we do not go there often, if at all, for it can eat us up and destroy all we love.

So I have not mentioned that what really frightens me, but as my posting gets lighter and what I write is getting pettier and simpler.....(ha...like it was that hot in the first place!)  I just thought I would explain a little.  I am losing my sight.  I have no insurance.  Later today I am going, finally, to the Doctor.  The eye Doc is a friend.  We have socialized and played golf and gone on road trips together in the past.  He will yell at me for not going sooner.  He will call me by my nickname and not James or such bullshit.  It could be worse.  I gave up driving over a year ago.... it was a sensible thing to do.  More and more people talk to me and I cannot see who they are.

The money thing with out insurance, really bothers me.  So.... it can be fixed, but I cannot afford it?

Or, it cannot be fixed.  What the Fuck........ see.....  it is always something.

I guess it will be easier to visit blogs than to write.  At present ..... I need to get my nose about two inches from the screen..... anyways... that is what is up.  I do not like it one little bit..... but as in all things in life....... no one asks me.

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