Monday, October 7, 2013

what's in a name anywayz

well, it was a pretty uneventful week. sorta. wiped out on the bike while transfersing the cemetary. thats another story. but I broke the pinky on my right hand.....a real shame, see, cause it was my favorite digit with wich to pick my noes, again, no big deal, cause the nose is big enough and other fingers fit u- there just fine. thank you very much. and it doesn't hurt a whole lot, but it kind of just hangs there. again, not a big deal. it's just that little knuckle thingee right behind the nail. well not having insurance I just figured I coulod mend this sucker. bought some popsickles. they come with free sticks. so you eat the popsickles and keep the stick and wrap the whole thing up with duct tape. cept/// couldn't find the duct tape..had to use scotch tape. seemed to work just fine...cept when I woke up the thingee wasw covered in ants. see, I live in a real swifty neat apartment. Next time I will wash them there sticks instead of just licking them clean. good thing I didn't just try to pick the nose. coulda had splinter AND ants. No teacher like experience is what I say. anyways...during all that futzing around and watching football... why gosh, I caught some news. Mainly.....some folks are saying the Washington Redskins should change their name, what with Redskin kind of being a derogatory name and all. and I guess it is...but, i'm thinking, all in all, there are more pressing opening up government and getting the nation back to work...maybe world peace...ending hunger...and then i'm is kind of nasty. and maybe it should just be changed. like, see, if they were they Washington Wetbacks....well, no one would fly with that ....I mean, that is pretty offensive. So...I'm still think...maybe I bird or an animal or something. approporiate to ................DC like..maybe, the Deaf Fuckers...but then, that would be pretty offensive, too, and a whole buncha disabled folks wouln't like that much no matter how well it would fit Congress. and War Mongers would be good too, but that may set off the sensiblities of Quakers and other pacifists. about this.... THE LYNCH MOB !!!!!! I think it is appropiate.....seeing as how everyone in Washington anywhere to the right really really likes Obama.....and gosh, the could make a lotta money selling new jerseys and souveniers. bring hangman nooses to games and stuff. White robes could be popu;ar again.... well, maybe I should just setttle down....think of something else. i would be asking too much of America to swap out a perfect;y good offensive sport nick name for another one. aso...then I was thinking other deep thoughts, like, how come Boston is the only city in the USA with a dog named after them? Ya know, Boston terriers. How come there is no Milwaukee Mutts? No Detroit Dobermans? No Fresno Flea Bags? Gosh&stuff...the world is full of complex questions. I best eat another popsickle...I gotzta change my splint.

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