Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm the one with hair.... just saying...

well.... I ain't got nothing.  It's the Gallery Walk tonight....... and the weather seems like it will be ok.   I always like to check out Jambalaya... see what the folks there have been up to.... Dan Weber breaks me up!!!

course.... the Best Part of Gallery Walk night is that Oblio's  is right in the middle of the thingee....  Now it just dawned on me that I talk about the place a lot. (and have beers there a lot)... but it really is a nice spot.... and there has been a bar in the location since 1874.  My friend Lee wrote a very nice history of the place at his Blog and I thought it might be of some interest.  Check it out here.... and PART 2    it is a two part article... hope some may enjoy.....
and if you are out... tonight... in beauriful Downtown Wisconsin.... check me out

Lee Mooka J and me

Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh, gees.

the network’s overuse of a loud, annoying Price Is Right bell to cut candidates off in mid-sentence only added to the aura that this affair was a tawdry game show waiting for someone to mercifully hit a gong.

well... that is how Matt Latimer at the Daily Beast summarized it.

To me it was....
... nothing.  Not fun.... not interesting.  The whole thing looked canned.... canned questions, canned answers..... canned people.
 and... then I remembered.... dog shit is one of the few things that cannot be composted.

Have a good friday.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fox and Fiends

OK.  I have an inquiring mind.  It leads me down paths unimagined.  Which is good, cause mostly when I walk those paths I end up thinking, "Whoa... how did I get here?" and try to scuttle back to a point where the unimagined is best left unimagined.  Like that time I tried a couple of shots of Wild Turkey with some beer chasers.  Oh, boy, you cannot imagine what I didn't unimagined that night!!!

But anywayz... of late... I have run into new blogger folks... and have 'talked' with some on FB as well... and boy&stuff.... I have found some new paths.  see, the esteemed TNlib from PARSLEY'S PICKS posted on FB a NPR link to a book review of Willa Cather....and I went down that path...really didn't like the review... but the next thingee was a review of a book by William Maxwell, who I HAD NEVER READ.  Well, stuff and such.... I am now eating his short stories like popcorn.  Well, who would have imagined.

I also ran into a fellow called INFIDEL753. ...... see, on saturday's he does a complete review of all the cool things, links, posts he has found through the week.....if you really really really want to pick up some neat unimagined paths... check him out on Saturdays. 

WELL......anywayz.... I had a few beers last night with Bill-a-Lang, and George and Karl... no Wild Turkey....but the fun was there, and so was the beer.  When I got home I checked out this "Fox & Friends" thing on the cable cause I hear folks talking about it..... shit... I should have had the Wild Turkey shot!!!  These guys were flapping lips, spewing spittle and generally stumbling over each other trying to say something dumber than the other one had just said.  and Sean Haninsanity looked like some one had just given him a big shot of Novocaine in the old testicle sac and he was grooving on the feeling.  No Shit.  I never saw anyone so proud of having numb nutz!  Well, what with them spinning and churning and telling me that it really was Pat Robertson and Ronald Reagan who put the stop to Osama bin Laden, and how that President of ours should really show the pictures, cause how can Robertson and Reagan get the credit they deserve if he don't.... and such stuff.  Well, I decided that maybe it would be more fun to pick up soft dog shit with chopsticks than to watch this....and when they broke for a commercial.... for.... truly, I cannot make this up... Preparation H... I decided to find something better to watch cause I really was starting to feel a bit of rectal itch.=,  And bless me&stuff there was.. cable TV is a many splendorous thing.

oh... I felt better already.... boy that granny... she asks all the tough questions that Hannity could only hope to ask... like

" How do you like yer possum, falling off the bones tender or with a little fight left in it?"

Yessirre bob!  I learned my lesson.  If I truly want to get divergent views, find new books and music, well gosh, I will find good folks on the net... cause it sure enough is not on Fox.  Boy, I had really really bad dreams, had to get up several times to go to the bathroom... ah, it was terrible.  And I will never never watch Sean Hannity... ever again, see, cause like good old Uncle Jed said....
"if brains was lard, that boy wouldn`t have enough to grease a skillet." 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hair of the Dog

Donald Trump's "REAL HAIR" has been in hiding for over ten years in a secret multi-million dollar casino compound off the Jersey Shore.

My sources reveal that the White House has plans to dispatch a secret elite force of commandos from the Dept of National Parks known as PENGUINS.... get that hair at all costs.
"I just have to say...... we can no longer..... ignore this terrorist threat ,,,, to good taste.... to decent hair coloring... to ... everything that is good about America." President Obama said, in that halting manner of speech that has become his endearing  trade mark.

"If I can give up Marlboros.... the Donald can give up hair." The President added, smirkingly.

He further added that the elite PENGUINS  will be armed with combs, brushes, Brylecreme, Hair Color for Men and "Whatever else it takes. That hair makes me ashamed to be part White."

".... and.... to be fair..... to all my Black Brothers and Sisters..... to show that I am not a racist.....Al Sharpton's stupid pompadour is in....  my cross-hairs.....too." 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things to do

Whoa, I have no time for blogging.... out of peanut butter, bananas, milk.... all the must-have things in my kitchen.
Sooooooo off to the market!

Plus.... it's Tuesday, and someone reminded me that Beckett's has $1 fish taco's on Tuesdays!!!!!

Now, it's a little chilly for sitting out along the river........ but I haven't been down there in a bunch and I'm sure they have a few new tap beers.  But gees... the tacos are great and the price is right up there in line with my budget.

.................... or......... I could do the laundry.

Boy.... choices, choices....

Monday, May 2, 2011

It is good that he is gone........

"If this means that there is one less death in the future, then I am glad for that but, I just can't find it in me to be glad one more person is dead, even if it is Osama bin Laden."

Harry Waizer, World Trade Tower Survivor , from the NYT

thank you Harry

Sunday, May 1, 2011

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