Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a straight up ride on Hwy 41 to work. Twenty-five minutes and six lanes, most of the way.,most of the time. Billboards galore. I mentioned that I thought Billboards ugly..... that they should be outlawed. The Dude in the carpool said, in essence.... fuck everybody... if the land owner wants to lease to a billboard company, he can do what he wants. He called it "Property Rights".

Then we came to a spot where they recently clear cut and bull-dozed a small woodlot along the road to make way for..........another billboard. I mentioned that I thought it obscene. He retorted that I didn't have to 'look' if I didn't want to. He said he rather enjoyed the ads.

The Dude is basically clueless. One of those, "Everybody is wrong except me and folks that agree with me" people. A 'Guns Don't Kill People..etc' NRA Fanatic. He is a hip-pocket Christian, too. Doesn't go to church, but likes to pull religion out of his pocket whenever he thinks it makes his arguments stronger. He also lurks on my blog...... he never will 'write', but he sure likes telling me how 'stupid' my writing is.

I posted the Billboard in the previous post for him. He hasn't said much the last couple of mornings. He has been quiet.
The Billboard is going up a lot faster than I care for.

In other news............... my buddy, Curt, finally burned me a copy of Renaissance's 1973 album, "Ashes are Burning". I haven't had a copy since my vinyl got ripped off. It was always a favorite of mine.

Ashes Are Burning
Travel the days of freedom
Roads leading everywhere
Come with me now and show how you care

Follow the dying embers
Cross on the paths that they lay
Breath of the past the earths yesterday

Clear your mind maybe you will find
That the past is still turning
Circles sway echo yesterday
Ashes burning ashes burning
Colours are fading starlight
Silver the way to find
Walking the shadows, there in our mind
Changing the order slowly
Leaving the mist of time
Fingers are holding fragments of mine

Imagine the burning embers
They glow below and above
Your sins you won’t remember
And all you’ll find there is love
Ashes are burning brightly
The smoke can be seen from afar
So now you’re seeing how far
Ashes are burning the way
Ashes are burning the way

Monday, April 6, 2009

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