Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New year

I am out of the office until next year...... I am having a pool party tomorrow night. You are all invited. Bring your own towel and six pack!!!

Max's Room

Max loves movies. He has turned into one of those movie freaks that can quote whole dialogues from different flicks. And he is disturbingly accurate. I think it is a disease or the result of acute malnurishment from a steady diet of pizza, Burger King and Molson ale.

So this Christmas I feed his addiction with some classic films that I loved when I was his age.

One was "Harold and Maude." Which blew his mind. (what little is left after a diet of pizza, Burger King&Beer). And also sent him out to get some early Cat Stevens. Which is currently being played non-stop in his car, his apartment...... and now in my head.

Miles from nowhere
Not a soul in sight
Oh yeah, but it's alright
I have my freedom
I can make my own rules
Oh yeah, the ones that I choose

Lord my body has been a good friend
But I won't need it when I reach the end
Miles from nowhere
Guess I'll take my time
Oh yeah, to reach there.
.... which sent me back in time..... to younger days and the folks I knew and the music and movies I loved then. To a girl I loved then.

In the quiet silent seconds
I turned off the light switch
And I came down to meet you in the half light the moon left
While a cluster of night jars sang some songs out of tune
A mantle of bright light shone down from a room

Come down in time I still hear her say
So clear in my ear like it was today
Come down in time was the message she gave
Come down in time and I'll meet you half way

Well I don't know if I should have heard her as yet
But a true love like hers is a hard love to get
And I've walked most all the way and I ain't heard her call
And I'm getting to thinking if she's coming at all

Come down in time I still hear her say
So clear in my ear like it was today
Come down in time was the message she gave
Come down in time and I'll meet you half way

There are women and women and some hold you tight
While some leave you counting the stars in the night
Nostalgia is good. In correct doses.
All in all, better than a diet of pizza, Burger King &Beer.
Well, the beer is still good.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I gotza snow for Christmas. And a buncha other days,too! The 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 26th then the temp rose to 40 on the 27th and rained, drizzled, sleeted, iced, glazed. On the 28th we received another 5 inches. Shit, this place sucks!! And the REALLY bad weather doesn't usually show up until after New Years. Slop, Slush, puddles.

So I had all of last week off for the holiday. Not really off. Max got his car stuck out in the country when he went snowshoeing. Monday morning pulling him out. I told him, last fall, that he really needed two new front tires, but the rear ones were practically new. His mother decided to get them for him, a Christmas present. But she ordered FOUR and the wrong size! Tuesday spent getting refund and ordering correct tires. Wednesday spent driving in near blizzard to visit my Mom and Sister's family. Two and a half hour drive took almost four hours. Thursday drive back ..... in another near blizzard. Friday spent three hours pulling Max's car out of ex-wife's driveway/yard. I am still not certain how he managed to do that. Cleared off Ex's drive and we had a nice cup of tea discussing the Children and their most assuredly bright and glorius future, and why Max only needed two tires. She said she would not charge me for the tea and I promised not to bill her for snow clearance. Civility is good at years end.

Saturday the temps hit 40, a far cry from the previous Saturday when the wind chills were -28, but it rained heavily and turned the city into a massive skating rink around sunset. Yesterday there was a fresh coat of 5 inches of snow ontop of the ice. Dude calls me up at 7am offering me two Packer tickets at $20 each. Funny guy. A total of $40 to drive an hour and a half to Green Bay and watch the Packers play the Lions? I have great friends..... they break me up.

But Christmas did have a good side. The kids gave me a bunch of old Paul Newman movies. Miriam gave me a real nice cactus for my collection. I think I will just 'sit-in' over the next weekend and watch old movies..... or just watch the cactus grow. More fun that shoveling snow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ho Dee Ho Dee Ho Ho Ho

I saw a report... somewhere.. that 75% of Americans stop believing in Santa Claus by the Age of eight.
I am aghast! Well!! I would like to put in a good word for us, the loyal 25%, the True Believers!!!! Why, just a few years ago, visiting at my sister's home for Christmas, I experience irrefutable proof that Santa, bless him &love him &stuff, does truly exist!!!!!!!!!!!

The house was settled, all the children asleep..
I had a six pack of pale ale,
good company to keep.

I wished to speak with the old Elf
tell what I thought
but it had been a long day
from all that I had bought.
I was tired, I was pooped.
As I pondered what to say,
My head began to sag
my eyelids to droop
soon I passed out
all in the bag.

When I awoke the presents were there
An MP3, books&CDs, merriment and glee
toasters&cookbooks, chocolates &tea
socks and sweaters, a new football for Bob
for Jonas, the nephew, finally a job!
Snow tires for Max
to put on his car
earmuffs for Miriam
&marmalade by the jar.
An almanac for Uncle Bill,
Spices for his wife....
Who'd a thunk they'd still be wed
this late in Life!!

Now your opinion you may venture
expostualte as you will
But I'm a True Believer
until I get the bill!

So There!
& just remember, everytime a bell rings an Angel gets jimm a beer!

Bail me out, Baby!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Smithsonian Letter
Paleoanthropology Division
Smithsonian Institute
207 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20078
Dear Sir:
Thank you for your latest submission to the Institute, labeled
"211-D, layer seven, next to the clothesline post. Hominid
We have given this specimen a careful and detailed examination,
and regret to inform you that we disagree with your theory that it
represents "conclusive proof of the presence of Early Man in
Charleston County two million years ago." Rather, it appears
that what you have found is the head of a Barbie doll, of the variety
one of our staff, who has small children, believes to be the
"Malibu Barbie". It is evident that you have given a great deal
of thought to the analysis of this specimen, and you may be quite
certain that those of us who are familiar with your prior work
in the field were loath to come to contradiction with your
However, we do feel that there are a number of physical
attributes of the specimen which might have tipped you off to its modern
1. The material is molded plastic. Ancient hominid remains
are typically fossilized bone.
2. The cranial capacity of the specimen is approximately 9
cubic centimeters, well below the threshold of even the earliest
identified proto-hominids.
3. The dentition pattern evident on the "skull" is more
consistent with the common domesticated dog than it is with the
"ravenous man-eating Pliocene clams" you speculate roamed the
wetlands during that time. This latter finding is certainly one
of the most intriguing hypotheses you have submitted in your
history with this institution, but the evidence seems to weigh
rather heavily against it. Without going into too much detail,
let us say that:
A. The specimen looks like the head of a Barbie doll
that a dog has chewed on.
B. Clams don't have teeth.
It is with feelings tinged with melancholy that we must deny
your request to have the specimen carbon dated. This is partially due
to the heavy load our lab must bear in its normal operation, and
partly due to carbon dating's notorious inaccuracy in fossils of
recent geologic record. To the best of our knowledge, no Barbie
dolls were produced prior to 1956 AD, and carbon dating is
likely to produce wildly inaccurate results. Sadly, we must also deny
your request that we approach the National Science Foundation's
Phylogeny Department with the concept of assigning your specimen
the scientific name "Australopithecus spiff-arino." Speaking
personally, I, for one, fought tenaciously for the acceptance of
your proposed taxonomy, but was ultimately voted down because
the species name you selected was hyphenated, and didn't really
sound like it might be Latin.
However, we gladly accept your generous donation of this
fascinating specimen to the museum. While it is undoubtedly not
a hominid fossil, it is, nonetheless, yet another riveting example
of the great body of work you seem to accumulate here so
effortlessly. You should know that our Director has reserved a
special shelf in his own office for the display of the specimens
you have previously submitted to the Institution, and the entire
staff speculates daily on what you will happen upon next in your
digs at the site you have discovered in your back yard. We
eagerly anticipate your trip to our nation's capital that you
proposed in your last letter, and several of us are pressing the
Director to pay for it. We are particularly interested in
hearing you expand on your theories surrounding the "trans-positating
fillifitation of ferrous ions in a structural matrix" that makes
the excellent juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex femur you recently
discovered take on the deceptive appearance of a rusty 9-mm
Sears Craftsman automotive crescent wrench.
Yours in Science,
Harvey Rowe
Curator, Antiquities
* I know this has been around for awhile, but it still breaks me up. Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Ok. The back is much better. It is a floating bone chip that pinches a nerve. A pain when it happens, but pffffftt... life goes on!

So I am doing what I usually do this time of year.... scrounging cash to buy Christmas presents. Coats in the closet is a good place to start. I never know what I leave in pockets. That got me $10. In the couch cushions, behind the chairs, nooks&crannies, under dust-bunnies on the stairs. That netted me $11.56. I collect antique banks and fill them with change. There's another $24.18! I thought to clean out my e-mail files. "Ha!", you say! Silly jimm, you do not find spare change in e-mail files!

"Ha!," I would reply, "There was a $50 Barnes&Noble gift certificate from the company in there!"

And also some old grins&giggles.

I think AnaJo from New Mexico....(rhymes, huh!) sent me this link a couple of years ago....a real wingnut site, http://shelleytherepublican.com/. I am still not sure if it is for real, which would make it pathetic, or a satire, which would make it just a shade under brilliant. I have a feeling, though, that it is not a spoof.... but it is still hilarious. Shelly tells me about God and choices...

=============Wrong ChoicesGod’s lifestyle choices hitlist : God hates people that belong to one of the groups below because they harm America!
Animal Rights People
“Global Warming/Cooling” Believers
Linux users
“Purpose Driven” churches
Government school teachers
The anti-smoking lobby
College Professors

And Shelly covers Liberals, too!!

For those of you that are not quite clear what liberals really are, here a list of the most typical characteristics of liberals:
§ Being liberal means blaming America first and loving the enemy
§ Being liberal means destroying, hurting and mutilate innocence
§ Being liberal means killing the most innocent and defenseless, the pre-born Americans
§ Being liberal means driving foreign cars only
§ Being liberal means calling our soldiers “war criminals”
§ Being liberal means performing anal sex
§ Being liberal means having no respect
§ Being liberal means spitting on soldier’s graves
§ Being liberal means putting rohypnol in somebodies drink
§ Being liberal means laughing about Christians
§ Being liberal means having no values
§ Being liberal means having anal sex behind the dumpster
§ Being liberal means cashing welfare checks
§ Being liberal means giving the gay virus to your sexual partner
§ Being liberal means abusing children
§ Being liberal means always complaining but never offering solutions
§ Being liberal means being a coward
§ Being liberal means kicking dogs
§ Being liberal means using obscene 4-letter words
§ Being liberal means hating their own race
§ Being liberal means watching porn
§ Being liberal means using illegal drugs
§ Being liberal means not speaking the Pledge of Allegiance
§ Being liberal means not wearing a flag lapel pin
§ Being liberal means pallin’ around with terrorists
§ Being liberal means celebrating 9/11
§ Being liberal means eating cheese and drinking wine
§ Being liberal means calling real Americans “redneck” or “hillbillies”
§ Being liberal means being elitist
§ Being liberal means demanding sex “education” for children
§ Being liberal means believing that ones grandparents are monkies
§ Being liberal means animals are superior to humans
§ Being liberal means humans must die in order to protect the environment
§ Being liberal means speaking to ones plants and hugging trees
§ Being liberal means drinking tee
§ Being liberal means reading books
§ Being liberal means wearing round classes
§ Being liberal means wearing sandals
§ Being liberal means being afraid of guns
§ Being liberal means using abortion as a way of birth control
§ Being liberal means using Ubuntu, Macs and iPods
§ Being liberal means to slander and libel
§ Being liberal means to feel superior when confronted by a retard
§ Being liberal means having no compassion or empathy
§ Being liberal means being scared at night because God has rejected you
§ Being liberal means touching girls on the bus
§ Being liberal means playing with yourself while watching horror movies
§ Being liberal means to stink and never take a shower
§ Being liberal means being unemployed and blaming somebody else for it
§ Being liberal means being an atheist
§ Being liberal means being a vegetarian or vegan
§ Being liberal means hating what America stands for
§ Being liberal means going to Hell
§ Being liberal means being ANTI-AMERICAN

My favorite Shelly is: http://shelleytherepublican.com/2007/06/21/cyclists-the-two-wheeled-menace.aspx

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mary Christmas... or was it Angie Christmas?

Desperately trying to get the goddam partridge outa my beer tree...... before....

... the Santa Cows show up.

I did get something for Randal. Do no open until Christmas. Or when need arises.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hope Floats...but so does Ivory Soap

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
- e.e. cummings
Nope. That Hope is dead. But he sure was a funny Hope.

Not that hope either, but I would love any interest she would have in my 12th level Paladin....!

Not the Hope Diamond... but that would be all the hope I would need..... and not Hope Lange, either......cause she is a dead Hope, too.

The deal is that I really get the seasonal blues. Christmas is an extremely shitty season for me. It seems like bunches of crappy stuff seems to happen just before the holiday. Death, dishonesty, disease, disaster, divorce, downsize..... if the 'D' fits, it happened. And I know I get Seasonal Disaffected Disorder (what's wrong with calling it the blues? go figger!)

Anyways. That seems to be the tone this year too. My back is killing me and I may need to opt for surgery. The condition is not life threatening, should not have any crippling impact, but it hurts like a sonofabitch when it pinches the nerve. So I have been feeling very morose and discordant and grouchy until I picked up this morning's newspaper and there is a human interest story about my buddy Tom Rued.

Dr. Tom Rued examines his patient at ValleyVision Clinic.

Read the story. http://www.postcrescent.com/article/20081211/APC0101/812110528/1979

Last May Tom was lucky enough to get to the hospital in time for a life saving operation. He was flown from east central Wisconsin to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. Later they told him he would not have made it if he had arrived as little as a half hour later.

Two weeks later we were together at a mutual friend's house for a graduation party. I was flabbergasted (gees, is it ok to write flabbergasted?) Tom is a grinny guy. He was very grinny that day. He bitched that he could not play golf or go fishing for the rest of the summer.... and then laughed. He regaled everyone with the story of how his wife, with her insistence of immediate travel to the local hospital, saved his life. He waxed eloquent on how much he loved her, his friends, how the fishing would be better next year anyway, how beautiful the day was. I never heard him laugh as much (and he is jocular) or so well.

After I read the story and emailed some friends ( yuppers, buncha buddy emails this morning) I felt crappy for letting some back pain bring me down.

Soap floats, and so does hope.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The cessation of pain.

I have a hole in my back. In the spine. I never knew until fourteen years ago.
I took a serious slip, crashed and promptly lost all feeling in my left leg. Hospital and Xrays.
There is a small hole in one of my vertebrae. Spina bifida occulta. In and of itself, this form does not cause serious problems, but when I fell I chipped a little bit of bone adjoining the hole. Periodically I pinch a nerve where the bone chip is. It will not heal by itself. The doctor's recommended surgery to fuse the whole hole. The option was just live with it; it may cause problems from time to time. Those times may be far apart. Those times may be short or they may linger.
I think I was polite, but I remember thinking, "Fuck this shit! Nobody is gonna operate! What's a little pain!"
Boy. Sometimes it is not a little pain..........it's a lot. And lingers. And sometimes it is not a problem for a year or so. And then I have need to ice it, lay down and listen to the blues, have a bit of whiskey and refuse to acknowledge pain. I am in an icing mode now.
Some days I feel that I have iced my soul so that I can no longer recognize the love in front of me.
There is no surgery for that. Just blues tunes.
Just another icing mode.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Loving Grace

Detailed Forecast for Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Freezing DrizzleHigh 29°F
A chance of light freezing drizzle and flurries during the morning...Then snow likely during the afternoon. Around an inch of accumulation possible. Highs in the upper 20s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 70 percent.

Sleet Low 29°F
Snow...Heavy at Times. The snow May briefly mix with sleet in the southern fox valley this evening. 6 to 8 inches of accumulation expected. Lows in the upper 20s. East winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.

6-8 inches on top of an inch already!
Blowing Snow High 31°F
Areas of blowing snow. Snow...Heavy at Times. Another 3 to 5 inches of accumulation expected...Bringing the total accumulation to 10 to 14 inches. Highs in the lower 30s. Brisk northeast winds 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow near 100 percent.
A total of 10-14 inches?!
Tuesday Night

Blowing Snow Low 10°F
Areas of blowing snow through the night. Light snow likely during the evening...Then scattered flurries after midnight. Less than an inch of accumulation expected. Lows around 10 above zero. North winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Chance of snow 60 percent.

More SNOW!

Ok. I was gonna be a nice dude and not get upset with winter this year. But is is only the 8th and it is gonna stick around until mid-March. But I will be positive. I will think clearly (sorta) and try to embrace the hope of an early spring.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

I like to think (and

the sooner the better!)

of a cybernetic meadow

where mammals and computers

live together in mutually

programming harmony

like pure water

touching clear sky.

I like to think

(right now, please!)

of a cybernetic forest

filled with pines and electronics

where deer stroll peacefully

past computers

as if they were flowers

with spinning blossoms.

I like to think

(it has to be!)

of a cybernetic ecology

where we are free of our labors

and joined back to nature,

returned to our mammal

brothers and sisters,

and all watched overby machines of loving grace.

Richard Brautigan

Friday, December 5, 2008

A beer with Billy

OK. Enough of the snow and cold... it just started and it will be around a long time. I can wait until late February and then really start bitching about it.

So... it is time for the Optimist report... and there is no one I know more optimistic than................................. Billy Lang!

Billy is one of the most unique people I have ever met, and I have met a bunch. He is also one of the happiest, goofiest, laughing-est, ( think of Mr. Ed laughing and you got it) energy-bound folk east of highway 41. That covers a whole big chunk of folks.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Alva Edison

That would kinda sum up Billy. And he actually has found a bunch of stuff that does work. Currently he is taking aerial photographs from his plane and selling them at art shows and on line. I think he is getting pretty good.


(plus he'll usually buy me a beer if I endorse him)

But the real deal with Billy is he is a fun guy. He thinks fun. He is always grabbing an idea and running with it. When he found out that wild ginseng was selling for about $350 bucks a pound... he was ready to hit the woods looking.

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play. –Heraclitus

Well then, Billy is most nearly himself most nearly all the time. He is so optimistic that if you filled his Christmas stocking with horse shit he would grab a rope and go looking for the pony that got away. He's so optimistic he'd buy a burial suit with two pairs of pants.

Some pursue happiness, others create it. –Anonymous

Sometimes I wish he wouldn't create so much of it.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I have never heard him sing..... but he does laugh like Mr. Ed; he probably sings like Elvis..... or at least thinks he does. He is that optimistic.

I think it is time to leave the office, forget the long winter and have a beer with Billy Lang. Maybe he'll sing for me.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wind on the Hill

No one can tell me,
Nobody knows,
Where the wind comes from,
Where the wind goes.

It's flying from somewhere
As fast as it can,
I couldn't keep up with it,
Not if I ran.

But if I stopped holding
The string of my kite,
It would blow with the wind
For a day and a night.

And then when I found it,
Wherever it blew,
I should know that the wind
Had been going there too.

So then I could tell them
Where the wind goes...
But where the wind comes from
Nobody knows.

A. A. Milne
* shit! it is only 4 degrees.....
I don't care where the wind comes from
or where it goes
just so it leaves me alone
and not chill my nose!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Monkey Biznuss

OK. I am not a happy Dude. It has been snowing all goddam day..... it's dumping 5-7 inches of this white shit... it is wet and slippery. AND... it is impossible to drink beer while shoveling snow!! Gees..... and someone had the audacity to tell me that it was beautiful! (ok- for ten minutes.........then it is just white.)

I can't understand why some folks get excited about SNOW!!!!!!!!! Shit&whiskers, if I wanna get real excited I look at PORN, not snow!!!

Whatever. I leave the office in a half hour with nothing to look forward to other than snow......
......anways, perhaps someone can help me... Fairlane used the expression, "Tweeser Monkey" at Jonestown today.... What is a Tweeser Monkey?

Cheer me up.... tell me what you think a Tweeser Monkey is. Boy&Howdy, I sure could use the amusement.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wake me in Springtime

OK Dokerroo! We gotz snow. It started as slush, turned to rain, reverted to snow, went back to slush, re-emerged as sleety-shit, re-introduced itself as snow, little bit of ice and all of it accompanied by some really stupid 30mph wind.
Now there might be some folks who enjoy winter and there may be those that wax rhapsodic on the wistful white wonder of snow....... but I sure ain't one o dem!!
Man, this is two years in a row that we have had a storm in early December! Last year I was on a rare business trip to beautiful Downtown Canton, OH and discovered that snow in Ohio is just as slippery as snow in Wisconsin or Minnesota. I should have known.

Now don't get me wrong. I like winter well enough. Well enough that after two weeks, I am done with it. Ya, and iffen anybody out there tries to tell me how great winter is..... Why gosh, ya'll come on over and let's go ice fishing!

And more snow is predicted. And more cold. And then more snow. Winter.... pffffttt!!!

I love the environment as much as the next beer guzzler, but I am more concerned with Jimm-warming than I am about Global Warming...... from now through March.

Life is a beach.... ana I wanna know why I am not ON ONE!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Work sucks. I'm going home, ah, for a beer.....

But Bubba and his co-host have asked me to be on their radio show from the U sunday night.
9pm CST
It's a talk-music thingee. They are going to interview me as 'Sarah Palin's Turkey'.

I best be picking out a lipstick shade!!!

Happy Holiday!!

Whatz ina name, Anyways!!

Ok. This name thingee is going around. Kinda like the flu. It seems it is best to comply before evil things occur.

Other Names Meme:
1. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names):
That's a tough one. No one really knows my mother's middle name. We think it is Ann. Mary Ann. But she uses Marion. We call her Miriam. I guess for #1 I have to respond: Grandma Robert.
2. NASCAR NAME: (first name of your mother’s dad, father’s dad): Charlie John. But I would never be caught dead in a NASCAR. I will only be caught dead in a hearse.
3. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 2 letters of your last name, first 4 letters of your first name): Grjame. Man, that sucks! I wanna be Bobba Bhing, or some such cool name!
4. DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal): Blue Bird. Shit! that doesn't cut it, either! Sounds like a fruit juice or some goddam character outa a Disney flick. I'm not sure this is fun, or what?
5. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you live): OK. digg this! Johnny Oshkosh. Shit on that one too! Sounds like a really fucking Hayseed who sells tractors or sumptin! Boy&Howdy! Who's idea was this thing, anyways??
6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, favorite alcoholic drink, optionally add “THE” to the beginning): The Red Beer. All right. I can live with that one.
7. FLY NAME: (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name): Jall ? Now, what the fuck is so 'Fly' about that? And it is almost winter in Wisconsin. We gotz no flies this time of year. You want flies? Visit in July!!!
8. GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie): Vanilla Oreo ? Again! Shit! Use that as a gangsta name and you will get the piss knocked outa you every Saturday night! Okjimm is a hard sell the way it is, no way I gonna try on Vanilla Oreo!!
9. ROCK STAR NAME: (current pet’s name, current street name): None Mt Vernon. Ya, right!! Just when I thought Vanilla Oreo was dumb, huh??!!
10. PORN NAME: (1st pet, street you grew up on): Gomez Benton. Eh, I think I could live with that.

Ok. One out of ten is not so good. Next time let's just shake dice for shots of Tequila.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why I blog.....a disertation on doughnuts..or such

I blog because Randal &Fairlane and Scarlet Blue said I should.
I oft wish they had told me ot win the Lottery instead.

Obladi Oblada.

But then, see, if I had won the Lottery I would have massive amounts of money amouldering.......
.........lewed levels of legal lucre.....

.............cavernous caches of crisp clean currency..Indeed&Doodey!!!!!!!!!! For having the prudence and soul to pursue the former advice and the intellect to eschew the later endeavor as an exercise as futile as playing Monopoly with God I have become a much richer man for having met so many marvelous people....

A Blog By Me

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...........and through the wings of their words, the wonder of their worlds, the wink of their witticisms, the snide of the snark and a hearty "Heigh-ho Silver", I have been able to see a shared vista of America that my heart fervently hopes will never diminish and always shine, from sea to shining-fucking sea. Amber Waves and the Purple Mountain thingee, too!!!

Gees, on second thought, that's a lotta dough!

I best be having a beer and think this over a bit more.

I mean, it's really a lotta money.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boy, I am think I am heartbroken

Just thinking of MacArthur Park makes me weeping for all the lost love in my life.

Spring was never waiting for us, girl
It ran one step ahead
As we followed in the dance
Between the parted pages and were pressed,
In love's hot, fevered iron
Like a striped pair of pants

MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down...
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again
Oh, no!

I recall the yellow cotton dress
Foaming like a wave
On the ground around your knees
The birds, like tender babies in your hands
And the old men playing checkers by the trees

There will be another song for me
For I will sing it
There will be another dream for me
Someone will bring it

I will drink the wine while it is warm
And never let you catch me looking at the sun
And after all the loves of my life
After all the loves of my life
You'll still be the one.

I will take my life into my hands and I will use it
I will win the worship in their eyes and I will lose it
I will have the things that I desire
And my passion flow like rivers through the sky.
And after all the loves of my life After all the loves of my life
I'll be thinking of you And wondering why.

MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down...
Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to bake it
And I'll never have that recipe again

Oh, no!
Oh, no
Jimmy Webb

Maybe I should seek medical attention.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wowsers.... whole lotta taggin' been goin' on! And I have not been catching up.... mostly cause I still do not have a home computer and then second-mostly cause I have been catching up with the kids and third mostly, doing a lotta 'getting-ready-for-winter' stuff.
so......... Mathman tagged me...

The purpose is to share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Here are the rules for this meme:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagged peops know once your entry is UP. Blog pal Dr Zibbs tagged me with the 6 odd things/quirks about me meme.

SIX... only six! SHeesh! non-important/quirks/habits... picking only six is akin to asking what my favorite sentences are in War and Peace! But I will give it a whirl...

1. I am a peanut butter freak. Skippy. On toast, bananas, apples, sandwichs, cottage cheese,oatmeal ...I have yet to find something that does not taste good with peanut butter. (well, there are exceptions.... smoked oysters and peanut butter do NOT taste good together)

2. I collect straight razors. I collect a lotta stuff... but I have had problems shaving (over active facial hair) since 8th grade. Friends starting giving me different razors to try. I fell in love with the beauty of antique straight razors.... ivory inlaid handles, imbedded silver work. Some are very beautiful.

3. I am afraid of heights.....but used to high dive from quarry cliffs. It was kinda like having panic attacks for fun.

4. I had a great-uncle who was a priest and presided at the burial mass for Joseph McCarthy.

5. I love watching High School Marching bands in parades. Even if they play badly. Brings tears to my eyes. Not sure why... but they are the only reason I watch parades.

6. I do not own a computer but really like blogging. I suppose I could get one.... but sometimes I think it would take away from the time I use to drink beer or watch High School Marching bands playing badly.

I am not going to tag anyone. Making links makes me think of breakfast with eggs and toast.

Then the esteemed humanitarian/activist/neat-o Border Explorer was kind enough to tag me with.....
Tagging for Blogger Album Project The multitalented Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist started up a project to track our musical tastes.THE RULES:
1. Post your list of the seven best albums, the seven bloggers you will tag, a copy of these rules, and a link back to this page.
2. Each person tagged will put a URL to their Blogger Album Project post along with a list of the seven best albums in the comment section HERE.
3. Feel free to post the “I Contributed to the Blogger Album Project” Award Graphic on your sidebar, along with a link back to this page.
4. Post a link back to the blogger who tagged you.Tagging for Blogger Album Project The multitalented Robert Rouse of Left of Centrist started up a project to track our musical tastes.

So, in no particular order...
I was a Fleetwood Freakie in the early 70's. The guitar work of Danny Kirwan and Bob Welch on Bare Trees blew me away when I first heard it. Plus I gotza thing about trees in autumn and the album jacket photo still blows me away.

Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. A little folk, a little jazz, a little swing and a lotta fun. Spawned out of the hippie Haight with a lotta different in his back pocket, he is currently in somewhat a revival. Hicks in concert is a gas. I hope to hear him live soon.

'Someone left the cake out in the rain' . Jim Webb and Richard Harris. I went through three vinyl's. I think my soul will be at peace when I find my MacArthur Park.

Emmy Lou. The voice of a broken heart and the vision of love that runs down a highway of forever. I think I have spun through multiple copies of this as well.
Some of the best piano I have ever heard. The best thing to put on the stereo on a sunday morning making tea while your lover is lounging in bed.

Herbie. Some of the best. Head Hunters was a revelation.

I was seventeen when I started college. I didn't know a soul on campus. A couple of weeks of trying to make the football team as a slow 175lb linebacker left me feeling alone, bruised and beaten. I was walking past a lounge in the union and heard Phil and realized that we are together, all of us, in feeling alone, bruised and beaten. It is what makes tomorrow possible.

I can't tag anyone on this either..... I am running out of time posting this and have to get back to real work. I hope someone reading this picks it up, like a message in a bottle, and throws it along.

Tomorrow is just another sea to go swimming in.

Love. jimm

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