Sunday, September 23, 2012

A beery intelude

( I will get back to my story about Gomez.... but yeaterday was  busy Day...My friend Lee's book came out yesterday and I went to his inaugural book signing...

Lee found the original recipe for the Old Chief Oshkosh Pilsner from the 1950's and talked the good folks at Fox River Brewing to whip up a batch.... wasn't too bad at all.

I guess it went well.  When I got there at 1:00 there already was a line to buy the book.  Lee said I have a 'photo-credit' or something or other on page 152...STUFF!

Anyways.... I know most of the rest of the Free World outside of Wisconsington really really wants to buy a copy... more info

 Billa Lang has a credit of some sort, too, but I guess he gets his on page 2 or some such.... probably cause he shot the photo from his plane or some deal.

Billa got so excited he went and gamble on one a dem gamboling machines at Oblio's and won some money and bought me some beersa and a shot of tequila.  Every book needs a happy ending likie dat, see!  The newaspaper even took some  time to write a neat article HERE

Anyways.... the dude is a really nice guy, with a sweet as all get out girlfired.... and there is nothing like being happy for a ffriend.

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