Thursday, April 7, 2016

I have had with all sorts of shit....really

ted cruz eatingSo Missiffippiff says it okeey dokeey to not serve Gay-Lesbian-Trans-Bi.....and they will check your ID to be sure...or make you drop your shorts! Now how in black strap molasses would they know....someone is gonna order a pizza...and say, "Whoa, by the way, I'm gay." Religious beliefs! hmmmm.....well I think I am gonna march right on down there and tell them I am a Bokononist and I wanna wedding cake in the shape of a Dildo with chocolate sprinkles and stuff .... so...Ted Cruz comes into my joint and orders some tinfoil.....nope...I wouldn't serve him.....I don't believe in assholes!

And what the Fuck is up with Trump????
They guys says absolutely nothing ..."I'm ahead! I'm ahead!"  The guy is a Dickhead and should not be allowed in Missikkkikki cause they have made it legal to discriminate against Dickheads who chew tinfoil.

I am not hot on politics these days.  Democrats or, oh gees, the Asshole Party.
This is the BEST WE CAN DO????

When I believe......I am crazy.
When I don't believe.....I suffer psychotic depression.
~ Philip K. Dick

and that is the nub of it....I can't believe in anything anymore and that depresses the shit out of me. I used to believe in a small core of goodness that I thought existed in even the nastiest folk.  Nope.  Not anymore.  Once upon a time you felt that religion was a strange cloak that people wore and it made them be good cause if they weren't God would rip it off them and everyone would see what assholes they were.  Evil seems to be the new religion. And pack a gun cause we are all sinners and evil.


IT'S the new religion, the new body politic....I can't believe in it and I can not disbelieve.

maybe I should write a blog.

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