Monday, December 26, 2011

Stout Hearted Men

Well so far the best part of the holiday has been the tapping of the Stout at Oblio's..... CENTRAL WATERS  Bourbon Barrel Stout.

this stuff is GREAT.... a review from a Madison Beer Review: 

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout

Appearance: deep dark brown with a thick, foamy beige head; the head falls away somewhat quickly leaving some alcohol, but no lacing, on the sides
Aroma: sweet and bourbonish with a dense aroma of chocolate and malt – almost of bitter chocolate, with a long, lingering brightness
Flavor: chocolates and bourbon with a long, lingering bitter dark chocolate finish
Body: deep and thick; like drinking chocolate out of bottle with a slight cordial flavor, without the cherry
Drinkability: perfect for an aperitif, a six pack would be nice to supplement and sustain throughout the winter
Summary: a great beer that is rapidly becoming the hallmark and calling card of Central Waters – a reputation maker and a business sustainer; a damn fine beer. 

  Well,,, I could not say it better. Also it runs close to %10 .... and it runs a nice $5.25 a pint ... so it is not a quick drink.... it is absolutely excellent with a aged Swiss...

I normally do not do beer reviews... but this stuff is so good... I have never 'saved' beer... but I plan on trying to buy a six pack of this and store it... word is it is even better after a year.

Oh, in other news... Christmas is over!!!! I have watched "It's A Wonderful Life" "Christmas Story" " Lampoon's Christmas" and my fav, " Bad Santa".  All went well... I got some socks and underwear... got gifted at the Moon coffee house and some music.  Black Keys new album.   There is NO SNOW.. and it feels like 40 outside... anywaays.... I felt burnt out.....
But I should be a stout hearted man by 5!

I can Handle It
Just say "Cheese" a new year approaches!

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