Friday, September 4, 2009

Have a good weekend.... I am

...going to burn and consume the flesh of animals ..... and drink the fermented amber waves grain! ( then maybe crawl up a purple mountain or two)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I believe in evolution..and

... in other news, a friend in Colorado sends a photo of his new pet human.

Everybody have a good holiday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Break me UP!

OK. I am not the most 'tech-type' person around ol' Dodge City..... I am getting there, though, and am proud to report I can now tie my own shoe laces...... but I read something today and I gotzta make my own comment.... and I have to relay how it all came about.... bear with me.

So I'm reading the blogs today.... and I go to where the esteemed Tengrain ( Graves, you Swine!) had posted this nifty link and tidbit about Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream celebrating Vermont's recognition of Gay Marriage.
(see, I doan know how to make cool links)

Anyways.... I support whatever two consenting adults want to do..... whether it is getting a couple of beers or getting married.... or sharing some ice cream.... ain't no deal as far as I'm concerned. But what broke me up, big time, is at the bottom of the article from the Boston Herald is a quote from a dude called Brian Camenker of some quazi-moronic group called who must either really not like ice-cream or gay people or both ..

(my guess is he has a long list of things he doesn't like and further believes that no one should like the things he dislikes) ...

..and the article quotes good ol Brian

"It’s a bad idea, especially because I think they’re just doing it to rub it in that Vermont has legalized gay marriage,”

which kinda breaks me up; I get this visualization of celebrating a marriage by rubbing ice-cream on your marriage partner. (which I think is a good thing. Gees, my heterosexual marriage could have use more ice-cream rubbing!) Now at this point I am thinking good thoughts about ice-cream, and some really nice thoughts about Ben&Jerry's... and making a mental note to stop at grocery after work.... but I am a bit curious about and as I know that a bear does shit in the woods, I thought I would tip-toe over there and see what kind of shit they have there.... and what flavors.

WOWSERS!! What a fun little spot! I found.................

The Coming Nightmare of a “Transsexual Rights and Hate Crimes" Law in Massachusetts:Why Bill H1728 Must Be Defeated....

which the good folks at MassResistance feels is interfering with their God-given right to discriminate, hate and bash!

Brutal fascist tactics against citizens
The homosexual movement cannot achieve their goals without eventually resorting to brutal tactics of intimidation and even terror. After lying and personal demonization, this is always the next logical step. And it will continue -- and escalate -- as long as the population is unwilling to fight back.

.... oh, shit! Brutal terrorist homosexuals! Damn! Ya know, there's one in my office! He was really really intimidating the other day when he asked to borrow a dollar!~ It probably will escalate ... I bet he asks to borrow two bucks next week!~

Wowsers! Sounds like killer bees! Better call Orkin!
OK. I have had enough. Of fear, and hate, and bile and bigotry, bullshit....

If I really want something to fear I can worry that Grizzly Bears will migrate to Wisconsin and start delivering Chinese food.

Now that is something we should all be concerned about.....
Chinese Delivery Bears!
I gotzta get some ice cream on the way home tonight!

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