Saturday, June 11, 2011

Diamonds And Rust


So... about twelve years ago.... she sat next to me on the Bridge... and said, "Hello, mister." ... and it's the people you don't see coming that you expect the most.... when you least expect them.  And that is how it was.... just walking through the art fair, taking a break, and there she was, again.

...... just like the time, ten years before that time.... and the time so may times ago... so young ago... so goddam young ago, that time, when she broke my glasses and I had to sleep with her because I couldn't see to drive home... or at least that is the reason she gave then.... so goddam young ago.  Well, it didn't work out some thirty five years ago... or twenty five, or twelve.  So it went. It never did seem to work. I remember it was always interesting trying, though, and she never broke my glasses again.  but there are other things to break.

I'll be damned
Here comes your ghost again
But that's not unusual
It's just that the moon is full
And you happened to call
And here I sit
Hand on the telephone
Hearing a voice I'd known
A couple of light years ago
Heading straight for a fall 

So, they have that stupid goddam art fair in the same stupid goddam park every goddam year... and the same goddam bridge is still goddam there.... and now ..
... I saw her there last year.  We didn't talk, and when I looked around, she was gone
I still had her number.  I had a couple of drinks.. I called. Didn't leave a message.  She called me back.
"how's the husband?"....... "how's the kids?" .."How you doing".... "Fine.And you?"  and that was that. But I always think of that bridge. And what it is like to have a ghost sit next to you and call you 'Mister'.
Now, my daughter and I go to the Art Fair and she picks out my Father's Day present. ... and goes back to her Mom's.

.... one year it rained so hard, they canceled the art fair.  I went anyway. Stood under an oak tree and sipped whiskey from a half-pint.  It is what it is, and it ain't no never mind.

Because I need some of that vagueness now
It's all come back too clearly
Yes I loved you dearly
And if you're offering me diamonds and rust
I've already paid 

 It gets to the point where you do not want diamonds anymore... cause you really believe there are none.... but if you try, see, you can get pretty good at polishing rust.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Used to be this blog, see...and a Dude called Fairlane

*old mast head, Jonestown

Jonestown was one of the first blogs I stumbled onto, into and around. It kinda blew me away, see, cause I had never read or heard about blogs much until then, however long ago that was.  See, the deal was.... truth&stuff... I was looking for a recipe for Cajun Meatloaf... and I skittered here, bounced off there..straight on to someewhere else.... I was careening through the clouds... and it ain't no neveermind...see, but I landed in Jonestown.... and there was a guy named Fairlane.... and a cast of Clowns, Wizards, Bitches and Balderdash that well, it was stuff... and if you said you understood all of what was on the pages you would be lying.... and if you said you didn't get it, the point.... you really were a dumbass.... he would write like this... and this is mild... but but but

When Fascism comes to America they say it will come wrapped in a Flag waving a Cross.
I say-
Fuck that.
Wrap that bitch up tight in a Jimmy Hat (like a Dog).
Keep it from getting on anyone.
Christine O’Donnell has a Plan.
But it’s not Plan B.
In her world being Mastur of your own Destiny is a BIG No.No.No!
Can’t trust us with such details- Leave it to (Beaver) Me.
She says.

I know what’s best-
As Director of the Ministry of Love, she promises an Iron Fist in every Pussy.
Of course, She meant “Pot.”
Wink, wink, nod, nod.
You betcha

 it was like someone took the shark's teeth out of the glass on granny's night stand, gave it to the old beagle on the porch and then chased the pooch around........

When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in Lipstick, and High Heels waving to us on Fox News.
Everyone in Position-

ok.  like I said... that was mild... and those are just some clips from before he went MIA... not that he is really gone, he just went gone somewhere else, and that ain't no big deal, see.......

Yesiree, Billy Fuckin’ Bob, they be A lot of Old Ass Mother Fuckers Sporting Solecistic Sign-ery whilst exposing Paper Skin to Scorching Sun.
All in the Name of Liberty.

(Take that You Statist Whipper Snappers!)

And what has these Concerned Not Too Distant Future Nursing Home Residents up in Flabby Arms?
Well, they Wants tuh Know-
When is Adolf Niggler™ going to get his Big Gummint, Slimy, Commie Colored Hands out of  Medicare, and Social Security, and into the pockets of those Lazy, Good for Nothing Trickster, Crack Smoking Swindler, Big Butt Having, Wide Nosed-Breathin’ All the White Man’s Air Negroes running around like they Own the Place?
*And don’t fergit them Mexicans, too*

...that is just part of one post...  now I have been writing since, well, since Sister Mary Saving Grace threw a poem of mine up on the bulletin board back in first gradeee and I thought, "Shit, I have been published!"  So I started chiming in with comments on the commentable section... and damn, after awhile folks started comment back,, mostly telling me to shut up (kidding) and get my own bloggy.
which, huh! here it is.... but the thing was the stuff he would write on those pages....

And the Summer of Our Discontent is fading into the Fall from a really High Building w/out a Mixed Metaphorical Paddle.
Glenn Beck is a Smug Cunt. Let’s get that out in the OPEN for the White Eyed and Bush-y tailed.
Tell him to his face, but Grifters only have Eyes for the Jaundiced. He ain’t interested in-
Speaking of Failing Livers-
Old people really suck.
Once you get to the point you no longer recognize you smell like Cat Litter, it’s time to Die or at the very least, Move out of the Goddamn Way.
Too late for “Restorations,” or “Refudiating Cackles of Rads.”
Not right for the Old to Decide for the Young-
Let us get on with Living.
I know.
Because nothing says-
Welcome, Pair of Mormon dudes riding Mountain Bikes wearing white short sleeve shirts, long pants, and ties in 97° weather, better than Nineteen Full Metal Jacket Cap Peelers.
Sure, I’d love to Convert…
Seriously, Mormonism is Scientology with an even less believable Story Line. (Yeah, you heard me, Fuck L. Ron Ron).
Thetans or Lamanites?
Wow, tough choice.
I’ll get back to you after I self-Lobotomize.
God Almighty.
What are people to do these days?

Tosspots abound, War, Greed,  Reverse Racism, Art is being Murdered faster than the Rain Forests, AND there Ain’t Shit on TV except a couple Toffee Nosed Mardies queefing out dialogue obviously written by a Quasi-Retarded Wannabe Poof going through an Artificially Inseminated After School Specialized Tragedy.
What the fuck they Expect people to think, Feel, Say?
I’m here, to tell you-
But Exactly what
I haven’t the faintest Fucking Idea.
I’m merely cuing you to the Farce right there in front of your Fucking Whatever-

ok.... Fairlane is done gone somewhere else, and it ain't no business of mine, and I really don't care all that much, see, but the deal is....that I realized I didn't have to think of what I was going to write some mornings.... just let it roll... so, kiddos, when you read my pages.... it ain't always me writing....
sometimes it's the candy wrapper on the sidewalk, or the stones rattling in an old cold tin can....or the dust smell that comes from old rotten wood.... or just the idea of what you can find when you go to look up a meatloaf recipe.
.... and remember, ketchup sucks... make your own sauce.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hard times and funky weather

The word... is
yesterday morning when I woke at 5:30 it was already 80 degrees... this morning, same time, it was only 57.  Go figure.  We had two bits of storms come through yesterday.... the second was rather severe, bringing strong parallel winds, torrential rains and just a dash of thunder.  I had been out biking but had stopped at Oblio's for a pint just before the storm.  Now, if you need be stuck in a storm there isn't a argument about the best place to be is in a sturdy brick building with an ample supply of good pale ale.  Karl had also ducked in.... it is nice to talk to a real newsman.... he usually has more info than what can be put in the paper.. and it sure beats talking baseball.  He had a few comments on the Wiscon recall elections, Anthony Weiner's weiner,  and stuff.  When the storm let up we went out the back for a smoke and the sky was a almost brilliant yellow color, with neat wisps of clean cotton clouds.  Made me wish that I had a camera with me, and equally pleased that I didn't.

Hard times are continuing....and it has dawned on me that America is in the middle of a Un-Civil War. On tv, on the internet, on street corners, in the papers, at the polls. And I realize, that I am on a side of it.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what side. Sometimes I don't care......

..... and other times..... I wish it would all go away.... and leave a beautiful lemon sky.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


ok....  I don't have a tweeter, twitter... whatever account... so this will have to do.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vote, damminit all anyways


.... there is a growing trend, to destroy Democracy.... as we know it...... Vote it every election you are eligible to.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Come and visit Wisconsin... the cheese really stinks.

OK.  The State of Wisxonsin.... is really working hard to repair it's budget.... cause we are broke, see.

"The budget committee also voted Friday to ban using state money for abortions at the Madison Surgery Center, which is operated by the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority.
No abortions are done at the facility." Green Bay Press Gazette

Well that is hunky dory...Let's ban something that wasn't there... saves a lot of money... but it makes it seem like the STATE WAS DOING ABORTIONS... SO THE RADICAL RELIGIOUS WILL SUPPORT THE GOVERNOR... HE DONE BANNED ABORTIONS!!  What a crock of bullshit.

Plus... there is a new rule that would mandate contracting certain road to private companies. Oshkosh Norwestern
One of the committee's last votes was to approve a tax cut for manufacturers that eventually would cost the state $128 million a year. "..requires counties and municipalities to hire private companies to do any project that costs more than $100,000 and end equipment-sharing efforts that local officials say have kept the cost of local road maintenance down."  well, tax dollars SHOULD go to the highest bidder!! It is a shame that local and county governments provide services!!!

One of the committee's last votes was to approve a tax cut for manufacturers that eventually would cost the state $128 million a year.

So... let's ban abortions, where they are not being done... let's take state, county and local governments out of the road repair business, roads that were built with tax dollars... and give that away.  Let's give more breaks to businesses that are already paying little taxes..... in the high hopes that they may even pay less in the future.

Wellllll.... some good folks in Wisconsin are not taking this lightly.  Teachers, Unionists, public workers, firemen, prison guards... have been protesting since this shit started... they have now erected a tent city by the capital to keep the protests going.  It's called "Walkerville"

 Well,,,, there is another provision in the budget that would give tax breaks to , get this, Phillip Morris, see, cause they really really create jobs in Wisconsin.  More info at MADISON.COM

"Dear Editor: The Joint Finance Committee voted Tuesday, 13-3, to change taxation on smokeless tobacco products from one based on price - where the tax automatically follows inflation - to one based on weight. This move would make some smokeless tobacco much less expensive and give a competitive edge to the tobacco giant Philip Morris USA.
That vote coupled with the committee's decision to double cuts to the state's effective and popular Tobacco Prevention and Control Program is devastating to the health of Wisconsin and sets the state up for a future with more needless addiction and higher health care costs."

There is just too much shit... wading through it all becomes a full time job.  These folks in Wisconsin are no longer legislators, they are thieves, liars, cheats and crooks.  Another proviso in the "Budget" would limit the amount of personal income a legislator needs reveal.... Holy Conflict of Interest Batman!!"  And... upset with the recall effort, six state Senators are facing recall, the state GOP is toying with the idea of running fake candidates.

But... you see, it is all about creating jobs, balancing our budget..... and paying back your corporate sponsors.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Irish at the river


Well... it's a nice little set up... the amphitheater down by the river .  Different concert, usually good, always reasonably priced.  This weekend it was three days of Irish music, food, dance... and beer.  And lucky me, gotza free weekend pass from one of the sponsors.  So..... sitting on the grass, looking at the stars.... there are worse things to do.

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