Thursday, April 28, 2011

What should I get them... that happy couple, them!!!

OK.... as I have related elsewhere.... My invitation to Will and Kate's wedding bash was misplaced by the USPS.... but it did arrive... and lemmee tell you.... I am happier than a zombie in a Stephen King novel!!!   Whoa... I got out my best tie-died t-shirt and my old navy blazer... found a pair of jeans that does look all that bad, polished up the old tennie shoes, got a fairly clear Green Basy Packer cap.  Boy!!!  See, I gotz the bus ticket to Milwaukee, figure I take then take the bus to Chicago and well, gosh, from there I will figure something out.

But, see, the thing that is really bothering me is what should I get them?  I had a really nifty toaster all picked out....

but then,,,, saw so many others.... that I just couldn't make up my mind

Like... what if they already had one..... or maybe someone with the same kinda tastes like me would get them the same kind.... or what if the one I got did not run on the same current as theyz gotz in Britland, ... see it was tough.... cause iffen I were to get married again, gees, I sure would like a new toaster.  I think mine is from 1963 or something maybe a '65.
England swings like a pendulum do,
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two,
Westminster Abbey the tower of Big Ben,
The rosy red cheeks of the little children

..... gees, there are so many TOASTERS... and I have so little bread.  I like the model that is also a radio.... boy&howdy, I have seen some spiffy stuff in my day, but that would be the stuff!!  Yessirree Bob... I sure would want a toaster that would sing with me!!

OR..... I could get .......them...................................................................................

A BLENDER>>> Shit&Whiskers!!! every-o-body can use a new blender.... I mean when you have a whole house full of Royalish people and see, you wanna make mararitaz or whatever.... you need a good blender!! YUPPERZ.. A NICE BLENDER
Sams Club has an in store deal going on for this gas-powered blender that is certain to make short work of mixing any drink you can come up with. The blender is powered by a 43cc 2-stroke gas engine mounted on a stand with a stainless steel blender cup and a variable speed throttle to get just the right amount of blending for your drinks. It’s even decorated with diamond-plated accents to give it that classy-tool look. If you can find a store that has them in stock you can walk out with one for about $100.

.... or maybe a neato underwear dispenser?  Hmmmmm.... I mean, (blush blush wink wink) Newly-type-Weds are always needing clean underwear.... what with all the (blush wink blush wink... wink-a-blush&stuff)

Or a new set of glasses.... something swany and posh and classy.... not that the Britishes are class conscious....nope... not with all them there Dukes and Earls and Dukes of Earls and shit&stuff they have moore princes than you can shake a frog at!!!!  But they are an equal opportuniy type nation meaning they are just as likely to get into some fucked-u[ situation as their Americoid cousings.  Always one of the nicest thing about them Englanders.... they love a good colonial war as well as the next guy.

......Course.... could just get them a cat. 

Well anywayz, I am excited as all get out..... and I am sooooooo glad that I am getting 24/7 coverage of this wedding.... see, cause I figure there are about 6,000 Americans.... that will never be married

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The Pink Floyd Polka" & such ¬ much of nothing... again

I still ain't got much.  It's been one day of sunshine and three days of rain.  I did find a video of a favorite local band, Copper Box, when they were playing down in San Antonio.  A real gas especially after a few beers.
ok..... lessee, what else.  Oh, I got a nice email from a guy named Vincent who stumbled across this photo that I had posted a while back.
Vincent runs a Chinese Restaurant and was wondering where I got the costume.  I had to be honest and emailed him back that I just grabbed the costume p;ic off the net and that my blog really isn't about eggrolls or Chinese food.... he mailed back saying thanks and stuff... I forgot to ask where he was from... and if he delivered... cause it made me thinkg of getting some LoMein.

Speaking of costumes..... I came across a pic of the kids and their cousins from a parade we participated in , I think it was the 4th of July and the theme was 'Patriotism' or some such.  The Ex made the signs and costumes... and I pulled the wagon.  Ya gotzta teach the children well, see.

Friend of mine stopped yesterday on his way back to Port Washington.  Tom and I go back 35 years or more and I do miss him.  Back in the 80's we brewed beer together.... made some very good ones, some really bad batches.... but we never failed to make a mess.  It was a good chat over pizza and beer... and old stories were told.  He used to have and old Cadillac, one of those big monster with the long tail fins.  He had bought it for a couple of hundred, filled in the rust holes with wood putty and fixed up what he could.  When he said he thought it needed a paint job, well we found a deal on 'silver' metallic paint, got out the brushes and rollers and painted it!!!  I think it was right after making a batch of the really good beer.  I remember when we would get a foursome for golf, drive up in that thing to the club house.... seems like we never had a problem, 'playing through'.

OK.... Next time I will try to write something of great political or philosophical or sociological impact.... but probably not.
It's little early...  but I think I am going for Lo Mein.

Monday, April 25, 2011

the weekend that was....ain't much

didn't do much....... and I do that VERY well.

Had some beers with Lee  from Oshkosh Beer   on friday, who says he is closing his blog.... the chump.... but promises to be coming up with something better soon.  I am guessing that he will have a new post up at the old blog as soon as he finds a new beer to report on.

Saturday got a call from my old Buddy, Dimly Lit, (who is now a very successful broker) inviting me out for a late lunch.  He picks the spot.

Now, Bob's Trails End.... is one of the best dumpy bars around.  Opens at 8am.... but they have the best chili dogs, heaped with onions, 3 for $4.75.  Can't be beat.  Nice chat... he is planning on taking his boys up to the Boundary Waters in MN this summer with good old Uncle Rosie.  Had a great chat.

I missed church, again, on Sunday.... hmm... and since the old bunny did not leave me eggs, again... I trucked down to the Roxy and had some cooked for me.  See, the bunny has yet to leave a Bloody Mary and the Roxy delivers 'em.

The Roxy
Homemade spaghetti tossed with Parmesan
cheese, egg and your choice of three
ingredients. Finished with tomatoes and
mozzarella cheese - 6.99

Bubba sent me a package from Portland.  A nice T-shirt from VooDoo Doughnuts.

Sounds like my kind of place.  Maybe next year I will visit him for Easter.  Doughnuts for Easter sound good.

Well, the Ex called.  She is on Spring Break from teaching job and wants to chat.  I think just get caught up, together, about the kids. She is on her way to pick up a new dog from a rescue center down by Madison.  Snickers, the old bishon, is pushing 16 and I think she wants to get a companion dog and a new Buddy for her.
 Plus, I think things are getting tense at her school. The kids she teaches are all sociologically screwed up and I think more than a few have been physically abused.  Most, if not in her classes, would be in juvenile detention, or worse.  Once in awhile she just likes to unburden... and all I have to do is listen.  She serves good tea.   It will be good to see Snickers, too.

so.... I ain't got much today.... but I do that well.

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