Friday, May 28, 2010

OK.... it"s hot

.... very unusually warm spell around my part of the world.  Memorial Day weekend is a toss up.... very cold, wet... warm.  2010 hit the warm end.  I don't care.  I love it.  Oh, granted it has moments.... sweat, sunburn, mosquitoes, ugly fat people wearing tank tops, a few nights of uncomfortable sleeping.... but gimmee dat ol' time hot weather any old day.  I mean...let me just list a few things that summer has over winter.... and these are just a few.

1) you never have to scrape a windshield when it is warm

2) you can drink beer while mowing the lawn... ha! try to do that shoveling snow!

3) young girls on roller-blades look lotz cuter than girls in snowmobile suits.

4) you can cook food outdoors while wearing shorts and sandals

5) you can ride a bike.  Trying doing that in minus 15 weather!

6) you never get stuck in a snowy drive way.

7) boating is way cooler than ice skating

8) Beer in the evening by the Lake.  Unjustifiably the best.

9) women sun tan almost near naked.  Now I am a civilized guy... but I am a guy!

10) Hot weather pisses off Randal Graves.

..... gotta go light the BBQ.... burgers &spuds with Tiger Sauce!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ya gotzta have friends!

Just a word about friends.  You never know where or how or why or when you meet them.  Bang.  Next thing you know.... there they are!  And I don't mean Facebook Friends.

One of my oldest friends I met when we were in college and both cab  drivers.  His hair was half-way down his back and we called him 'Dimly-Lit'.  Now his hair line is half-way up his head and he is a successful  financial manager.

One of my dearest friends..... actually one of my son's best friends all through grade school and High School , has started writing her own blog about, as she explains,

" devoted to examining our society of artificials -- from artificial food to artificial history -- and finding ways to obtain healthier and more informed living. Re-evaluate, re-discover, re-evolve".

Now, Jayna  never did anything part way.  She was one of the best girl's soccer players in town (as well as better than a bunch of the boys).... basketball too... ....she also had one of the most inquisitive minds I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  For a few years she was like an 'auxiliary' daughter.  I think she was at my house enough that she kept a spare tooth brush just in case.  She studied in the UP of Michigan and is now living with her husband in Salt Lake City.... and still kicking ass.  Check her blog.  Tell her, okjimm sent you.

One of my newer friends I met while he was perusing the 27 tap handles at Oblio's.  Turns out he could walk the walk as well as talk the talk.  The guy knows beer!  He also writes of the the neatest cleanest crispiest spiffo-keen blogs around. 

you can never have too many friends!!

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