Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eye Update

Ok... first off.... I really would like to say thank you to all who have commiserated with me about my condition.  Kind words DO make a difference.
I guess if I still had insurance this would not be a big deal.  I guess the surgery is one of the easiest to perform, done in mere minutes, with a high rate of success.  Insurance?  What a great word for a bookie.... and to me that is what Insurance is.....betting.  You bet that you eventually will get sick and the insurance company bets that you won't.  Trouble is that if and when you get sick...... the insureance company won't pay, or says that it is your fault.... oh oh oh...!!!. and let's not forget that wonderful word..... DEDUCTIBLE  !  I remember back in college when the National Collegiate Debate was " Resolved: The United States should implement a system of comprehensive Health Care for all citizens"  That wqas back iin 1972.........boy have we come along way since then, huh?  Today I walked by a large insurance company office.....three big floors of people that do what...... make other people well?

Oh gees, see, it ain't no big deal.... I am doing what I can.  Today I sat with Social Services to see what kind of assistance I can get.... might work.  They also gave me a big list of 'Charities that might help.  Goldang it all..... I paid taxes for years.... I don't want a hand out.... I just want A LITTLE OF WHAT I PAID FOR... I JUST WANT THIS FIXED!!!!!!!

oh, well.  I reactivated my ebay account and am selling off a bunch of my old collectibles.  I know there are boxes of stuff I have collected that may bring in some bucks....

.........anyone needs some straight razors.....?  I am living on the edge.

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