Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love winter, ya, right

all right-ee-di-dee..... Winter sure is a pretty thing. If you don't have to walk or drive in it. I mean, have you ever had to 'shovel' summer? Nope. Never happen.

So I have a drive west towards LaCrosse this afternoon, with a return tomorrow. And a big honking storm is headed this way. If I had a nickel for every snow storm I have driven through... gees, I could buy a CASE of beer. Really good beer. I am not a fan of winter and winter storms...... if I had to sum up my sentiments of winter.... it would be

....... oh well!

Maybe I can talk one of the elfs to hang around after Santa leaves..... and we can discuss her leaves.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly... The Statues

Now that was Ugly-Bad..... Like, C'mon! You are up 6 points, you have the other team back on their own 13.... you are giving them only about a minute to score 7.... aw shit... I can't even think of it again. 36-37... the Pfachers are supposed to be one of the better defenses in the league and you let their brain-bashed QB throw for over 500!!! Ugly-Bad.

The Good!!!?? It's the Winter Solstice! That means we have gotten the shortest day of the year over. Starting today.... we get a little bit more sunlight and warm weather is ever so much closer than yesterday. A good thing. A Very Good Thing. Yup, I know, winter has just started... but I will take any good thing... any... and run with it.

The Statues? Ha! As well you may ask!!! The esteemed&stuff Tengrain from Mock Paper Scissors has been featuring 'bad' statues.. hey, I gotzta fess-up, I have even contributed a few that Tengrain thought suitable. Checking his blog for any recent additions is a great way to kill time at work..... PLUS he drops notable newsie-bits and neat-O Keen spiffy social comments about too! Shit&Whiskers... can't go wrong!!!

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