Saturday, October 9, 2010

have a good day.

Don't do the dishes.
Don't wash the car.
Forget the laundry.
Go walk for wishes
it ain't that far.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mom Redux

My sister called.  Mom took her 'power scooter' from the nursing home to head up to a Fall Festival at the Lutheran School.  One of those deals they put on for Seniors; have the kids sing songs, treats and tea.  I guess the van that normally takes her in her regular wheelchair was full so she said she would take her 'car'.  Well she rode the goddam thing off a sidewalk or something and wiped out.  Lots a bumps bruises.  Nothing seems broken.  But she is now at the Hospital in LaCrosse.  
The woman does not know how to stop.  Even at 88 and no longer able to even stand up.  But when you  wipe-out at 88.  It's serious. At the end of August my niece Emily was married at a ceremony out in the country, about five miles from the nursing home.  She made calls, made plans and had someone with a wheel chair van equipped with a power lift to get herself out there.  We had tried making arrangements.......but she wanted to get there in her power chair...."so I can get around at the reception.
She amazes me.  Also drives my sister batty.

Miriam, Eliot,Kristine,Max,Zak,Jonas,Adam,Emily
There was no way in the world she was going to miss the wedding.  "All my Grandchildren in one place!"  Of course she wouldn't.  My sister thinks we should take the power chair away.  I think we should just buy her better tires or maybe just get her chains on them for the winter.  I'm thinking that she's thinking that "if you have to Go..... you may as well Go on the go.

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.

John Donne

Thursday, October 7, 2010


 well..... I liked it.  The kid made it about a year ago.  I like looking at their ole videos.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There can be second chances in life.  For some fortunate few, thirds and fourths.  The opportunity to do something mind-bogglingly stupid though can occur only once in a lifetime.  Of course, there are those who ARE incredibly stupid and they chug through those chances at a mind-numbing pace.
I'm talking about normally sane folks who get inspired and fall off the edges meant to keep us normal..... whatever that is.

Now.... I am not talking here about just irrationally pranky fun stupid....... like the time I painted my old Volkswagen a bright safety orange glow color.  Hey... that was a no brainer... Dad had all that old paint around .... and there was one of those old canister vac's in the basement with all these crazy attachments.... so it seemed logical to paint that sucker rather than fix the rust spots.  Man!  I got paint on the wheels, the windshield...everywhere!  I get a second chance at something like that again.... Whoa...I will use a brush instead!
Nope.... I am talking really really stupid.....something that seems to have a clarity no one else can see or understand or appreciate.  Something that must be siezed with both hands, maybe even a couple of feet, and swirled through the air like a giant Japanese kite or something.  And people would say...."Boy, was that stupid" but still have an air of reverence and awe in there voice as they say it.  That's what I want.  I was thinking of moving to Montana and starting a Dental Floss Plantation, just like the Zappa song.  Ya, not original......and I have checked the catalogs and nobody has floss seeds.
So..... iffen anyone out there has an idea....lemmee know.  Write me a song or dance me a letter.

Life is stupid.  I want to embrace it. The alternatives seem so drool.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If your glass is half's 'cause you are too lazy to get it filled!!!

lee, mooka & me

Thirty one years ago a couple of friends of mine graduated from college.  Being sensible guys and needing jobs they did the sensible thing...... they bought a bar.  At first it was just the business that they bought but a few years later they purchased the building. It was built in 1874.  Since everyone had already hung out there in the first place.... not much changed in the beginning.  Then the ripped out the added 'drop-ceiling and restored the old tin one.  And they bought some large antique lighting fixtures.... and put in a keg cooler in the basement and a new tap system that could accommodate 27 tap beers.  And bought oak bar stools.  Added copper topped tables.  When the business owner who leased the second store front in the building retired, the put and archway in the wall, built a second bar to have music events.  A third bar in what had been a garage was later added... as welll as a patio. 
The thing that never changed though was the people that stopped in.  Friends, folks and fun lovers.
 Not bad for not knowing what you are going to do after college.
And the friends part is not an exaggeration.  You always...ALWAYS know someone when you drop in. Or if you didn't know them.... you soon do.   A few weeks ago the previous owner of the bar visited from Florida.  Mooka J.  I hadn't seen him in about 30 years.  He sounded the same, looked the same and still had a laugh that would scare a bull moose. (and frankly, sounds like a bull moose)  I introduced him to one of my newer friends, Lee who writes a wonderful blog about all the craft and micro beers available in Oshkosh.  He calls it "Oshkosh Beer".  Real original, huh!
Mook and Lee hit it off real well and soon we were related stories of the 'Old Days'.... when we were all a little wilder.  There were a lot of, ah, characters that used to hang out there..... Mad Dog, Kid Curry, Bruiser, Baby, Red Fred, Sweet Roll & his brother, Hard Roll, No-eyes Martin, Wheels and HIS younger brother, Spare Wheels.  Some of them are no longer around.  Gone way to early.

But it was a good time.  Talking with Mook reminded me why I will never go to an Applebees or a TGIF.... or any of those cutsey bar-restaurant dealees.  I still favor small cafes and pubs and restaurants.  The food maybe better somewhere else, the beer may be cheaper..... but the folks you find at a place like Oblio's are irreplaceable.  They are there because YOU are there and You show up because two college room mates didn't have jobs.

"it's my bar"!!! have a beer!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

just an idea

ok, see, it's just an idea.  Like, I heard Australia has a ton of kangaroos.  Lots, even, and see, Wisconsin does not have a single wild kangaroo.  Nope.  Not a single one!  But... we have a bunch of deer!  In fact each fall we assemble a volunteer army, dress them in Orange camouflage and send them out to battle the deer.  It is kinda quaint custom.
Anyways..... I'm thinking we should trade Australia some deer for some kangaroos.  Kangaroos can also jump out of the way of cars, see, which deer might be able to do, but them seem to dumb to get the concept.  In fact.... some actually JUMP in front of cars....either a suicide thing or a clear presentation of how stupid they are. 
Anyway.  I think it is worth a shot.  If it works we could trade some other stuff, too!

I think America needs more Roo's and less deer.  It would be a start to get rid of surplus biological specimens that we have way too much of. 

Like Tea Baggers.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I need help!!!!!

I have decided to be Amish for a day..... and I am not sure how to  do it.  If anyone has information... let me know as soon as possible.  There is only a few hours til the Packer game.... and I gotzta get this going as soon as possible.

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