Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the dog ate my blog post....

or at least it sounds good.  and it's not like I haven't been writing...but beats me where it went.

See, I had this dream...and it was really really strange and it woke me up in the middle of the night...and I sat down, well, I did take a leak first, see, but then I wrote it all down and it was in my back pocket, well most of it, cause I only wrote down as much as I could remember and I figured that once I reread what I had written the rest would come back to  me, but that didn't happen mostly because I had said I would watch the ex's dog when she went down to the Capital for some sinister, clandestine, socialistic, Commie Teacher's Union meeting thing and gosh I just turned my back on that little bugger for maybe two minutes, three tops, I swear it wasn't much more than that....but golly see all AI was doing was getting a glass of lemonade outa her refrigerator and when I looked back well, his mouth was full of all those yellow tablet pages and he sas chewing and chewing and boy&Howdy I was about to get real pissed at him when he just kinda looked at me, smaked his lips......and said," not bad.  pour me a glass , willya?"

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