Tuesday, June 5, 2012



A long weekend it was. The weather was fabulous.  Saturday the farmer's market opened.  Not much produce, but I did get some great cheese.  I was able to hit the Irish Fest down by the river.  Didn't drink my weight in Guiness, but Was able to listen to Rising Gael, one of the nicest Irish bands in the midwest.

But in this part of t\he World the big thing is the Recall Scott Walker vote.  Today.  It seems to be dead even.  ?the New is the expected turn out will be between 60-65% which would be fantastic.  The contest seems to be a dead heat.  Four Republican State Senators are also on the ticket in today's voting.  I hope, a lot of us hope... that this could be the beginning of the end of Teabaggery.

A more telling anecdote... Scott Walker has been running all over the USA soliciting money and support from Big Corporations.  Sunday past I was having coffee at the local coffee house when Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger, stops in for a small impromptu meet and greet.  And after he was done with his little speech, he hangs around.... and talks to teachers, and union folks... and even spends a few moments with a hippie blog writer.  I would post the photo.... but it hasn't been sent to me yet.  There just seems to be just a difference between the two candidates that I JUST  CAN'T DESCRIBE.

But I know I will have a beer or two... and watch the returns.  Wish us well, here in the Dairy State.  We need it.

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