Thursday, April 18, 2013

WISCO dipshit Senator votes against background checks.....

hhhhhmmmmmmmmm........ it has been a tough week to breathe.   First they try to blow up Boston, whoever they are, and then 48 dipshits decide that killing anyone you want with any weapon you want would curtail 'American's Rights'.

Course, one of those dipshits was the esteemed Senator from Wisconsin, Ron-Fuck-Johnson.

I would call for background checks for Senators..... but that would be construed by Johnson as an attempt to arm bears....and only bears can prevent forest fires.  Or some such shit.  Back when he was merely running for Senator, the esteemed asshole spoke up in denial of weather.
"The science of global warming is unproven," he said. "It just is," Johnson told The Associated Press. "I'm not even sure if, if it were a fact, whether we could do anything about it anyway," Johnson said.

ANow Johnson is not a man to be taken paraphrase Dorothy Parker, he should be taken away with great force.   This week, in response to the allegations that he doesn't get along with his staff... he said: 

"The only true part of the story is they called me impatient," Johnson said. "I'm impatient because we're bankrupting this nation and the political class in Washington is not owning up to that fact."

Yupperz... Ron is just really busy bankrupting the country.   What is more hilarious is that Johnson is running a video project called 'Victims of Government' which is kind of funny.... saying that 'government with it's rules and regs is victimizing citizens........ but gees, those Sandy Hook kids were just in the way of someone exercising their 2nd amendment rights.  Read THE CHIEF  

I guess some victims are more worthy than others.

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