Thursday, October 27, 2011

some day he may get a real job....

This time of year.... I look back and think of Boy Wonder and his first 'job'... not a paper route or mowing lawns... but what he called his first job.

He was a professional spook.  Not the CIA type, but a really really spook ...

See, just north of town, about nine miles, there was a business that specialized in carriage rides, for weddings and whatnot.  Every Halloween they would decorate their woods with haunted houses, lanterns, graveyards.... have headless horsemen and ghosts... then they would have 'haunted hayrides'.  The kid got hired on as a spook.  It was his job to jump out of the bushes and stuff and try to scare folks on the hayride.  The owner would give the kids who worked as spooks a flat stipend and a pizza party at the end of the gig.  Boy Wonder took this serious.  He was in seventh grade, his grades were good, he would finish his school work right after he would get home and a HS kid would pick him and a few buddies up to do the thing.  It was rather nice.  After the Hayride there would be a bonfire and hot cider and cocoa for the patrons.

Well, times have changed.  He is now in Portland working in a warehouse, as a private garbage collector, making some internet commercials and some wedding videos.  He takes it all as serious as he did his first real job.  His mother and I hope that someday..... he will have a good job.... if if if if The Teaparty goes away..... if if if the economy turns around.... if if if

but he is still a scary dude.
...... just like his dad was....
so long ago.  Some day, I want a real job, too.  Maybe the CIA IS hiring spooks!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I gotta go, but my friends can stick around....

Well as anyone who knows anything knows .... I don't know much about much of anything that anyone would really be interested in.... including me.  Of course, that is an interesting thought.
And some of my friends are interesting... really. Like take for example... my friend DC Martin who in her shy and demure way points out that not all Polls are created equal... some are much more funniery than others  like this one.... which really breaks me up... really
DC is a very talented writeress.... or maybe waiteress.... cause she sure enough dishes up tasty ideas... do check her out.  Seriously..... see, another friend made a point... to check out the neighborhoods...and hers is a place to catch the latest on stupid politics, insane haters, HS Marching bands, Family, kindness, &stuff... and she wraps it all up with inventive language.

you can't miss it..... third blog on the left... and straight on til morning.  Please enjoy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

About Wisco's new concealed Gum law....

In just a few days it will be legal for any citizen of Wisconsin to carry concealed gum.  Provided they have the proper training.  Providing they have a special permit for 'sugar-free' varieties.  Carrying concealed gum in a bar while drunk will be specifically prohibited.  Concealing gum under chairs, desks, bar rails will still be..... oh shit,,,,, just plain ran outa humor here.

Ok.  I am a strong supporter of gun control.  I am also a strong supporter of the right to own guns.

I do not think that those views are incompatible.  I have never owned a gun.... because I don't hunt.  I don't hunt because I have no taste for cutting heads off things, pulling guts out, ripping off skins... etc.   But I support hunting.  I really do.  And I support the right of hunter's to own guns.

Most of the hunters that I know are strong conservationists, care for habitat, are against polluting environment, support preservation of species.... and don't go banging around in the woods.  They are very 'gun safety' conscious.  Of course, then there are the few others.

Now, I am not... not... not... going to go into a big discussion on my views on gun control... and to be honest.... I do not carry gum either, but, and here is what really gets me..... passing this new law created NO NEW jobs... did not help the economy....and will not improve the quality of life for anyone.  So why was it needed???  Still beats the hell outa me.  Ok.... the bill also has a clause....

“A business owner or person in his or her own home may prohibit a licensee from carrying a concealed weapon into the business or home, an employer generally may prohibit an employee from carrying a concealed weapon in the course of the employee's employment, and the state or a local governmental unit may prohibit a licensee from carrying a firearm into a building that is owned, occupied, or controlled by the state or the local governmental unit.”

Drinking while carrying a gun is also illegal.  It is a misdemeanor.  Anywayz.... here's what I am going to do.... next month, wherever I go, wherever I shop... I will be looking for signs like this...

or this....

and if I do not see one... I will ask the manager why one is not posted.  See, I do not want to get accidentally shot over a dispute about the last box of corn flakes, or the especially fuckingly cheaply priced TV... or whether or not I looked at someone's girlfriend 'funny'.  If I do not see that sign... I will not shop there and will make my view known to ownership.  Might not do any good, but so what.

Hey, and it's a well known fact.... Jesus didn't carry a gun.
just saying.

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