Friday, June 29, 2012

once upon a time

I was just standing there, minding my own business, when suddenly....
my past
my present
and my future
walked into the bar.

It made me tense.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OK.....EYE -2-D2, the kids and stuff

well, things have been interesting since Boy Wonder hit town.  He flew in from Oregon Wednesday nigh and boy, are his arms tired!
Seriously folks.
Everything seems to get interesting when he is back in town.
well... he flew in with his Buddy Jim.... they have known each other since sixth grade, and are now roommates and working together at the Rogue Brewing Co in Newport OR.  SO..... They both worked Tuesday then drove the two and a half hours to Portland, partied with friends and caught the 6am flight out, landed in Mil-Walky, partied with more friends ....and eventually ended up here in beautiful downtown Wisconsyn.  The guys were in town for Adam and Kelly's wedding.  Adam was Max's roommate for three years and I guess they had a good gathering.  The wedding was at a State Park on the north end of the lake.  The had a big pavilion, a blue grass band... and a bratwurst, hamburger, Cole slaw and potato salad.  After wards the Bride and Groom and about 35 friends just..... camped out.  Wonder Boy video taped the event.  I can't wait to see the results.

 The evil eye thingee is progressing.  Paper work, paper work paper work.  It isn't all bad.  It does seem that some help will be available, I really don't know how much yet.  My friend, Eye Doc Tom has been real good sending off paper where ever it is needed.  IT IS DEPRESSING, THOUGH.  I am having decent luck selling off some of the old collectibles on ebay.  The night vision is for shit.  Twilight either finds me home or close to it, or with someone who is driving.

I guess it is what it is and we just keep on keeping on.

Max thinks it is really funny to flip me the Bird and then ask, from a distance, how many fingers he is holding up.
"Can you see it now?"
"Can you see it if I get closer?"

of course, his sister has something to say.........
" Max.... you're disgusting."

ya, but he is kinda funny.  He offered to buy me a 'Seeing-Eye Parakeet'

humor helps..... whatever happens.

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