Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bubba good bye

And the seasons they go 'round and 'round
And the painted ponies go up and down

am bumming a bit.  One of my two best friends leaves tomorrow.  Portland Oregon.  I have known him every single moment of his life and though he has taken trips and there were times I didn't see him all that much.... there was never a day when I didn't know when I would see him again.  That all changes tomorrow.  New challenges in new places.... 

I guess I always knew that someday he would go somewhere.... I just never thought it would be this far away.

We're captive on the carousel of time

I remember when he was about  six and I took him out to Washington State to visit my brother.  We cruised the San Juan Islands and camped on a beach.  Hiked in the Norther Cascades.  The real telling story of that trip though was that he lost his first baby tooth up in the mountains.  Of course he was distraught.... the tooth fairy thing.  I told him that when we got home I would leave a note under his pillow and the tooth fairy, being wise and reasonable, would accept the note.  That is what happened.  About a week after we returned my brother sent him a large over sized plastic molar from a novelty shop with a note..."Dear Max... I found  your tooth...gosh.. things really grow big in the mountains."  Well the kid believed it.  It was his tooth... it did grow big ...  and I realized my son was a Believer.  That all things are possible.

I remember helping coach him when he played soccer and football.  He was crazy about sports. Still is.  At one time he had three years of the NBA Draft memorized.... player, pick, school, height&weight, but still would have difficulty naming what year the War of 1812 took place.

He had a radio show at the U for about two years and would frequently have me as a guest on the show.  He would introduce me as a homeless guy that walked into the studio.  Another Sunday night he said he had left the window open and God had come into the studio. All I could say was, "Bless you my son."  It was better than throwing a Frisbee with him... a skill I never acquired.

We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came

 He'll be ok.  I haven't been able to give him as much as I would have liked to.  He worked all through college...sometimes three part time jobs simultaneously .  I did my best to give him a sense of humor.  He took the gift and built on it often creating much more fun than I could handle.  He was a bouncer on weekends at my favorite pub, Oblio's.  Tonight they are having a little good-bye thingee for him and his buddy Jon.  Stop down...  it will be fun.  And I will cry.

And go round and 'round and 'round
In the circle game
And go 'round and 'round and 'round in the circle game.

It's a good thing my other best friend is still around....... I don't know what I would do with out her sense of humor......

kiss me good night, Max.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burn THIS shit!!!!!!!

I get the news I need on the weather report.....

Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL is planning to burn copies of the Quran to commemorate 9/11.  The Gainesville fire department has denied him a permit.  Good for them.  At least someone is showing some sense.  Burning books is odious, reprehensible and pollutes air as well as minds.  To say nothing of my personal sense of decency, which I admit, is a thin veneer soaked in beer.

But this shit is too much.  And I am sick to fucking tired of it.  My sense of decency may be questionable, but my sense of intelligence is NOT and I have had it with insults to my intelligence!

Start with Fox News.... ( wish we could end Fox News)....  I am so tired of them.  Not mad, not upset.... Tired!  Right from the get-go.... any NEWS that continually needs to tell me that they are "Fair and Balanced" only reinforces my notion that they do not think that they are "Fair and Balanced" and must continually state that they are to convince themselves as well as delude everyone else!  Such piss-postulating is fucking ridiculous and insulting!  Like they're other tag....."Severe Weather Coverage"....what?  They don't report good weather?

I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.

Ya ,,, So the Dove World Outreach has got 50 fucking members!  Imbeciles I am sure.  Outreach?  The only outreaching Pastor Jones is doing is digging into his trousers to dig out his diminutive dick ego so he can stroke it in front of TV cameras!  Whatta bunch of bullshit! Of Course Fox News will cover the event just to adjust the old Pastor's diseased balls if they happen to swing anywhere to the left of common sense!

Half of the time we're gone but we don't know where,
And we don't know where.

Pastor Jones?  Whatta joke!  Makes me think of that dealie that was pumped all over the place..."What Would Jesus Do".  Well I'm not a Christian... but I have a feeling, from everything I know about good Christians, that Jesus would grab a 2x4 from his carpentry shop and whap that sucker upside the head!  Jesus would kick his ass!

And the TeaBaggers are coming to my part of Good old Wisconsington!  More fucking azzholes slinging shit and mis-information and vile scum and diseased indignation.  I need this shit like I need jock rot!  Shit&Whiskers!   Be Still my Beating Heart!  Joe-the-Fucking Plumber & all the spit&piss of Sarah Palin! 

So.... I am starting my own Political Party...... The American Bowel Movement Party.   Let's get the shit out of America!  I am going to do my bit on 9/11...... I will burn a Tea Bag.  Used.  Cause I ain't got much and I is just about all I got and I will not waste a perfectly good tea bag demonstrating against Assholes!  I am so sick of shit heads.... and I am so sick of the scumbag, degenerate, mental morons!!!!!!!!  I do not care that they are Mad.... I am too!  About people sticking their fucking dumb mentalities in my face!!!!!!

I get the news I need on the weather report.
I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.
Hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile.

But other than that....... I am OK and you can be too!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It coulda been the future...maybe. Horrorscopes for the rest of us.

Aries  march 21-april 20
  Your mail carrier really really dislikes the amount of junk mail you get. He/she knocks twice.  Don't answer.

Taurus april 21 -whenever
   The itchy-burning feelin in your asshole is indicative of how people think of you.  It will never get better

Gemini early 1952-late 1978
   Your delinquent attitude towards personal hygiene means you will not get laid anytime soon.

Cancer 4:15am-9:00 pm yesterday
   That green shit at the back of the fridge is inedible. Could be a good time to consider ordering take-out deep-fried Afghani goatskins.

Leo july 23-july 24
   God is busy playing monopoly with Jerry Garcia and will not answer your prayers.  He never loved you anyway.

Virgo nov 32-dec 34
   Don't take a taxi this week.  Life is not fare.

Libra dec 7 1941
   People laugh at you, not with you.  It's time you realize the truth.

Scorpio dusk-dawn
    You will win a small fortune at Oneida Casino after spending a large one first.  The Red Brothers love you.

Sagittarius  9-5
   You're expectations are too high.  Eating Lucky Charms will not help.

Capricorn never-1929
   You can never go home again.  The house is foreclosed, the phone turned off and your parents have not left a forwarding address.

Aquarius  last week
  The Jew hate you, the Mulims despise you and Christians loathe you.  See!...there is a God.

Pices  blue monday
   She didn't really like you.  It was a mercy-fuck. Get over it.

*ok.  so maybe it wasn't all that funny...... but at least I didn't do a post about something with a lot of social relevance..... like this.


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