Thursday, January 22, 2009

If I ever had a brother who......

... was not a son of my mother, it would be DimlyLit. Who is really very smart. Of whom I do not have a picture to post. He has a MBA, has been a bank VP, is a VP in a brokerage firm.... who I have known for 34 years. Who has a sense of humor that is as warped as mine....

So he sends me a email..


The times they are a changin'

... and it's not like I am real thrilled.

I never thought I would grow up (and it is questionable that I have) and work in a business environment. So I am stuck retraining for a new program selling tel-com devices to industry. It really really bores the shit out of me.

But being broke is worse. and even more boring.

So I am off in a land of S-drives, P-drives and where the fuck did I put the ESCVP folder and BASE system log-in info?

I think I should have stuck with beer and doughnuts.

Sunday I am trying to talk Max and a couple of his buds into driving across the lake. It is froze solid. How many times can one drive eleven miles across a lake?

Boy, do I know how to have fun, or what???

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