Saturday, August 28, 2010

Define this!

I have remarked on this some time ago; the little "word verification" thingees that you must retype before you can log onto some sites or post comments.  I am sure they have a purpose though I have neither the patience nor the intelligence to decipher what their true purpose is.  Instead, I find it amusing to self-define what those words may mean.  It sure is a lot more fun that trying to decipher the intent of the Tea Party.

nomet     getting stood up on a blind date
koatele   Austrailian telephone company
essesse   German for an easy task
coxiggal  woman who frequently falls while rollerblading
sturr        when you want your third martini not shaken
alaystr     PBS host
pyholly    chick who constantly makes bad choices
nowear    sans boxer shorts
hablors    question in Spanish, "I got mine, Hablors?"
imampic   photo of  Muslim cleric that may get you killed
waystat    tremendous number of blog hits
leablech   Jewish girl who hates everything
fugai        sushi from the Gulf of Mexico
sledtran   Sarah Palinesque mass transit in Alaska
pyrantic   insect who lights fires
bollygoc  egotistical Indian film producer

........ and the last is my perpetual state of disrepair.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just an idea

Listen; there's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


......somethings look so cool that you want to take a picture.  But it doesn't turn out... or at least not as neat as you thought it would.  Well... trust me.... it was a pretty neat sunset.

I have been out and about for the last week.  Not much time for much .... and it was all good.

Went to my niece's wedding in western Wisconsington.  They held it at a farm amongst the hills.  Emily and her new hubby, Andy, just finished taking the bar exam in Minnesota.... lawyers, ya, right.

But he is very cool and Emily has been my favorite kiddo for the last 27 years.  Her brother, Adam, came home from San Diego, Jo teaches history, and Elliott is a graphic designer in Madison.  The thing of it is... when the cousins get together, they are funnier than all get out.  I enjoy being a fly on the wall and just listening to them.
So does Grandma.  88.... confined to a wheelchair permanently, now.  But she wasn't going to miss this for anything.

Elliott, Katie, Max, Jonas, Adam, Emily &&& Grandma

It was a pretty good sunset.  I think Grandma plans on having a few more.

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