Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Doughnuts, Beer, Tequila and Pizza, oh my

ok... there was this little football game played Sunday night, the Green Bay Packers vs. Some Team from Pennsylvania or Transylvania or Videomania or some such place.  Anyways, there was another team on the field and they wore a different colored shirts.  What else do you need to know?  I guess I am a little biased.... the Packers are one of the oldest professional franchises in sports and they are in my neck of the woods, just fifty miles north as the crow flies or the fruit plies or whatever.  Now I don't like baseball, I think pro-basketball sucks,  and golf is a nice game if you have nothing else to do, but to watch it on TV is a kin to taking a sleeping pill.  And I am not a 'football junkie'.  One or two games a week are plenty and of course, one of them is the Green Bay game.
So...... now you have the biggest game of the year, with more hoop a la and hype and stuff than any other. Now,,,, you have to take this serious.  I could have gone to parties, or a sports bar but I decided to keep it simple and just head down to Oblios's and watch the game amongst peoplethat  I mostly know..... mostly Billy Lang and Joe.... mostly they are people... most of the time.
Anyways..... to get ready for the Big Game you have to prepare properly and as this game will involve more beers than the usual game the first thing to prepare is your stomach and there is no better way to prep your stomach for a big game than to eat a dozen doughnuts..

Manly doughnuts, too!  None of that creamy frosting, sprinkly filled things.  Nope.  Just good old fashioned fried doughnuts with coffee. And the formula is one doughnut for each planned pint of beer.  I figured n even dozen would do the trick.
Then you have to exercise.  I take a pint glass, fill it with sand, and do repetitive arm curls.  Usually ten reps for every anticipated pint.  See, this is a science.  After exercise, a nap is in order.  Fifteen minutes for every quarter of football you plan on watching,,, and an extra 15 if you plan on watching half=time show. (optional).
Honestly.... it is a formula that has worked for me for years. Well I didn't plan on watching the half-time show..... so I only took an hour nap and by four thirty I am properly situated on a fine, solid oak bar stool at Oblio's. Now while I am waiting for Joe and Billy Lang (seriously the guy with two names that have to go together; you can't say Billy and you can't say Lang....it's Billy Lang) this dude who has already started way to early buys the bar a round of shots.  Well this is a once-in-while occurrence and there has always been something about the word 'free' that makes me a bit giddy. Well the guys show up, we have a beer and next thing you know, it's kick-off, which billy Lang celebrates by buying the three of us a round of tequila shots.  There is a small, distance history with the three of us and tequila shots... but I won't go into that here.
Now the Packers are up by 14 into the second quarter which is good enough reason for Joe to buy a round of tequila shots.... again, this history thing.  Anyways, lemmee tell you something.... never never listen to a joke while doing a shot of tequila.... it has a tendency to come out your nose, which is what happened.  Which is the history... which is why they both try to say something funny about when I have that glass right  up to my lips.  Assholes.
Right before half-time, and I have forgotten how many beers have been ingested...but it seems that we should get something a little more fortifying than chips..... So I call my daughter, Wonder-Girl, who is spending the Super Bowl delivering pizza for this gourmet pizza shop.  I vaguely remember calling her on her cell and telling her to bring us whatever is the best deal... which turns out to be a massive thingeeeeee.....I am still not sure what exactly was on it.... but my mustache was soon a mozzarella draped lip covering.

Damn good pie!!  Especially with a Bell's Amber Ale, which is what I think I was drinking.
Now.... I am maintaining, really, a fair amount of sobriety. Which means I am still following the game.  which, all things considered, was a heck of a match up between two pretty good teams, and no really stupid referee calls. and, in this part of Wisconsin, the bar was virtually devoid of any Steeler fans.
but all good things must come to an end... and end good it DID.
There was this 'morning after' thing though.  Like where are my keys, why are my glasses in the refrigerator, who put that left-over pizza on the stereo and where the heck is my left shoe?
All in all a good time.  An even better time while be when one of the Co-owners of Oblio's comes back from Dallas.......seems like he shelled out about $4K for tickets and was one of of about 400 fans denied access to the game because of the SNAFU with some of the seats.
Schltzie sat somewhere there

Billy Lang, Joe and I can't wait to ask him how he like the game.  What are friends for?


Sherry Peyton said...

Oh it was grand. I made pizza....and we had sliders. We yelled, we screamed, we collapsed in giggles. We thought of you, figuring you would be at Oblio's. I'm still against watching it again! lol..It's being rebroadcast on Wednesday on something. I will NOT do that.

Randal Graves said...

Roger the Dodger said the fans will be getting triple loot and tickets for next year's game. They ought to toss in travel expenses, too. That was bush league garbage. At least the right team won.

Life As I Know It Now said...

What is this thing you speak so much of--what you say--football? I know not of it ;~D Hey, sounds like you had some fun and your team won too, what more could you ask of one day?

Lee said...

I don't know, Jimm, you might want to go a little easy on Schultzie. He's not a happy camper, from what I've heard.

okjimm said...

Sherry... it WAS a Great Time.... Living close to Green Bqy... I HAVE seen it about three times already...Ha!
Randal... word is $2400 for an $800 face that Schultz paid @K each... plus next years ticket.... but he is out air fare,hotel, car and drinks food and lodging for four days....ouch
Libs...football....?? just a bunch of meat-eaters fighting over an inflated pigskin....now, if it was an inflated squash... you might like it.

Lee.... shush... I am typing at the place right now... Schultz just walked in..... this is gonna BE FUN..... my first comment was,"Hey Mark... how were your seats".... and I am still alive. AND he didn't throw me out.....!!!! hehehehe

Lisa said...

just to let you know Mal and I are not the same person and Sue knows it but she keeps deleting my comments when I ask her why she keeps insisting that.

Anonymous said...

I'm baffled. I can't understand a thing that went on that day. I think I'm going to have to Google "football." All I can recall is: donuts, beer, pizza, mozzarella, pie. You could have been at a Lutheran potluck, for all I know.

Beach Bum said...

There is a small, distance history with the three of us and tequila shots... but I won't go into that here.

Seriously Dude, I want to hear it because tequila makes me do stupid things and I have a whooper or a story.

okjimm said...

Lisa...ain't no never mind to me....just be nice... remember, I'm pretty much a liberal ;)

SDS... Luthern Potluck... no way... too many beans & jello dishes

Dear Bum....could be a story... I have to see what I remember of that afternoon

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