Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scott Walker is a Wanker.... and a lying one.

Here's Scotty....

"As more and more protesters come in from Nevada, Chicago and elsewhere, I am not going to allow their voices to overwhelm the voices of the millions of taxpayers from across the state who think we’re doing the right thing.  This is a decision that Wisconsin will make."
Scott Walker... addressing the State in TV address

Madison — A Utah-based group has started the process to recall eight Wisconsin Democratic state senators from office.
American Recall Coalition filed the paperwork Tuesday with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. The group has 60 days to collect the required signatures to force a recall vote.   m

UTAH?????   It is hard to be polite... it really is... blow me, Scott, as well as fuck me.

Hey, it's not just me that thinks Walker is connected to the Koch Bros...G

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT  .... not exactly a flaming liberal publication...

"How does it feel to be a puppet on a string? Or a muse? Ask Governor Walker. He’s the Koch brothers’ puppet. And for that, thank the Supreme Court for their ridiculous decision in the Citizens United case, because what’s happening in Wisconsin is just a tiny taste of things to come. Corporate billionaires pulling our politicians’ strings. [Read the U.S. News op-ed debate: Is the Supreme Court's Citizens United Decision Hurting Democracy?]"

Plus... the Governor has been apprised that his collective bargaining bashing could cost the State $46MM

 Wisconsin received $74 million in federal transit funds this fiscal year. Of that, $46.6 million would be put at risk should the collective-bargaining bill come to pass -- in the process creating an even more difficult fiscal situation than the one that, ostensibly, compelled Walker to push the legislation in the first place.
The governor is certainly aware of this. While the potential loss of funds may have escaped the attention of many observers, sources familiar with the state's transportation policy tell The Huffington Post that Walker's office has been informed of the relevant legal language. Moreover, in an a nearly unnoticed report filed by the state's Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the non-partisan budget scorekeeper, the stakes are laid fairly bare.
"According to information from the U.S. Department of Labor, the proposed changes in collective bargaining rights included under SS SB 11 could impact the ability of unionized transit systems in the state to receive existing federal transit aid, unless actions are taken to protect the collective bargaining rights of their employees," the memo reads. "If the federal Department of Labor makes the determination that the changes under SS SB 11 affect the continuation of collective bargaining rights, and protections of transit employee's wages, working conditions, pension benefits, seniority, vacation, sick and personal leave, travel passes, and other conditions of employment, the Federal Transit Authority could not provide federal transit funding under there provisions."

*** It wasn't supposed to be like this... my was supposed to be just snark, a bit of humor, some little snippet stories.... and a few beers.  I'm sorry.  Yupperz an&stuff


Sue said...

when something this serious happens in yer own backyard ya just gotta let 'er rip!! Keep talking about it jimm, we can't stop or it's all over for us! Who do we have on our side? Obama? When will he step in and say something? We need a strong leader in the White House, someone who will be on the side of the people not the corporations who want to take America down. We'll go down but what the fuck do they care, they'll be living in Sweden!

UTAH??? What the FUCK???

Chef Cthulhu said...

Seconded...this is your place. It can be whatever you want, whenever you want.

Utah should stick to what it does best: skiing and polygamy.

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