Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have a KOCH

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?Well it isnot new News that yesterday, after steadfastly refusing to speak with State Democrats, Scott Walker readily took a PHONE CALL from whom he thought was billionare industrialists David Koch.  Amongst several things discussed on the phone call Walker,
 floated an idea to lure Democratic senators back to the Capitol for negotiations and then have the Senate quickly pass the bill while they are in talks.The caller suggested he was thinking about "planting some troublemakers" among the protesters, and Walker said his administration had thought about doing that, too, but decided against it.

What has Koch Industries been doing while out of the public eye?
Walker has also passed legislation limiting Corporate liability in tort cases and easing pollution regulation.
It is almost impossible to completely trace funding provided by the Koch brothers to various conservative causes and politicians. I could write forever!!  It is like trying chasrt the flight pattern of a shithouse fly.
A former Wisconsin Attorney General believes that the phone call between Walker and the caller pretending to be Koch reveals several ethic violations.  That maybe an arguing point, but it, the phone call, clearly reeveals that Walker is a puppet to the billionaire brothers. It will forever taint anything he tries to do in the future and, while not an impeachable offense as far as I can tell, is clearly indicative of  reasons for recall.

Koch says that it will not profit from a small part of the budget bill that allows Walker to sell state assets, specifically power plants,  without bids, scrutiny or price control..... Koch industries is heavily invested in gas, coal, and energy production.... but a Koch spokesperson said,

“The power plant assertion is one more example of many baseless falsehoods and speculation made by a vested interest that gets picked up and repeated over and over in the media,” said a statement from Philip Ellender, president of government and public affairs for Koch Cos. Public Sector LLC. “We have no interest in purchasing any of the state owned power plants in Wisconsin and any allegations to the contrary are completely false.”

ya, the check is in the mail, I will love you tomorrow, and warm flat beer is best... shit....&whiskers..

. look... I can't go on.... I feel like I have been surfing porn..... or trying to clean a sewer with a g=toothbrush....  this is not my America.

David Koch with trophy wife purchased with no competitive bid.

Let's also not forget that other rights are under attack and other people a fighting, protesting.... please chedck out Border Explorer for info on what is also happening in Texas


Randal Graves said...

What a kochsucker!

okjimm said...

Randal....Koch Bro's reportedly wanted to buy Cleveland....but decided it was gonna be a losing investment.... hehehehe

okjimm said...

oh... and if anyone still remembers.... The wars have cost over 3 trillion OVER ..."When the United States went to war in Iraq, the price of oil was less than $25 a barrel, and futures markets expected it to remain around that level. With the war, prices started to soar, reaching $140 a barrel by 2008."

Koch Brothers...sell gas and oil.... Let's be expanive here,,,, War Profiteers

Sherry said...

These damnable twosome have more fingers in more pots than anyone can imagine. They visit Boehner regularly giving him his orders.

Thanks for mentioning BE. I read her report on the marches in Austin.

It seems we are marching everywhere these days. That's a good thing!

Sue said...

here's something to ponder.... the Krotchsuckers buy up all the power plants, gas lines, refineries, pipelines, etc. then they blow up the whole friggin country with the push of a button whilst they are sitting in a penthouse in Sweden! They don't give two fucks about America, just all the money they can squeeze outta us before our demise.

And that's the friggin truff

Billie Greenwood said...

I'm rooting for WI (spent what Freud says was the formative years of my life there) and --what the heck?!?--seems like the guy guys are pushing us back on every front these days! Oh well, la lucha sigue so keep up the battle up there, as I will down here...till I get back to the Midwest. (And thanks/gracias for the link.)

Life As I Know It Now said...

That union unrest is spreading across the country. Its in Randal's state and mine too. Mitch took money for public schools and is giving it to charters. Charters were the worst performing schools overall~~how is this supposed to be about public schools sucking beats me.

susan said...

I got to listen to a tape of that phone call yesterday afternoon and I'm so glad to know the news about it got out even though none of the networks were originally willing to cover it.

There are a couple of things I wonder about. First, it certainly appears the powers that be are floating test balloons to see how far people can be pushed. Secondly, why do we never hear about election fraud anymore?

Take good care and have that extra beer tonight while discussing events with your pals at Oblio's. Thank goodness there are such places.

Billie Greenwood said...

Seen on Twitter today (with apologies to Randal in comment #1!): Is that a politician in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? #KochSuckers

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