Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HO HO HO dee ho

Twas the week before Xmas
Ana all through the Burg
Not a sound was heard...
Nope, not a Word.

So I have been struggling to write a post about Christmas past and all that.... for almost a week... and all I ended up with is junk.

But that never stopped me before......
Anyways... things seem to be happening quicker than I CARE FOR...
Boy Wonder with the hoodie
Boy Wonder gotz home from Portland.... and then went to the UP with some buddies.... his Momma not all that happy with that, but he'll be around for another ten days.

..... he always makes things interesting. 
My daughter and I are looking forward to traveling to western Wisconsin's traditional Christmas eve 'flying of the cows'.
... and that's it.  I have spent all my money .... none left to buy even a scrap of snark.

So... for the holidays

if you can't be where
your heart is
be calm
be peaceful
enjoy all those whoz is here
and have a good beer.

Love to all who visit my page.  thanks&stuff



Sherry Peyton said...

Well, heck it's the holidays so who needs money? hehe..have a great holiday friend of ours and hoist a beer on us.

Commander Zaius said...

Rock on Jim.

western Wisconsin's traditional Christmas eve 'flying of the cows'.

Now that should send the boys at NORAD into fits.

Heather Jefferies said...

I would like to see the flying of the cows. I would include a small terrier at no charge.

susan said...

Around here the gulls celebrate 'the flying of the clams and crabs' daily. It's a massacre.

Enjoy what's to be enjoyed, especially a beer with your boy and the boys.

Randal Graves said...

Merry Cirrhosis.

S.W. Anderson said...

And a very merry, thanks & stuff to you.

Anonymous said...

The UP is a great place to be for the holidays! I remember some very large snowmen! Have a marvelous time in cow country. Enjoy every moment. We'll be back to check up on you before New Year's Eve!

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