Friday, April 3, 2009

Yes, We Have No Agendas

I had an Agenda, once. We were blissfully happy and even raised a couple of addendum together.

Then, one day, I awoke and found half of the bed empty. She had run off to Wyoming with a Random Flow Chart of dubious character.

At first I felt lost, aimless, lonely without my Agenda, but as time passed I missed her less and less.

I feel freer, now.

I think I will get rid of my underwear next.


Randal Graves said...

Just don't get rid of your clothes, as well. I hear the Paradigm Shifters don't take too kindly to public nudity.

susan said...

The company I work for invested our pension funds with AIG with the result I'm still calendared, docketed, scheduled and timed.

But I'll keep my underwear.

Mary Ellen said...

What's this? Your Agenda didn't take your underwear with her? She must have had a lousy lawyer.

Unknown said...

Going commando is very uplifting a freeing okJimm..everyone should do it...unless they are wearing a kilt or a dress..then it's not such a good idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Why not get rid of your drawers? I mean now that you've been free for a while don't you think it's time to free your boys?

Anonymous said...

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