Monday, May 9, 2011

a monday thought....

There's sunshine in the heart of me,
My blood sings in the breeze;
The mountains are a part of me,
I'm fellow to the trees.
My golden youth I'm squandering,
Sun-libertine am I;
A-wandering, a-wandering,
Until the day I die.

Robert W Service


Gavrillo said...

Them's inspiring words for the work of a man the literary circles at the time considered "doggerel". One tome is considered the most successful book of poetry of the 20th century selling 3 million copies. Great picture. Looks like one of Wis's many scenic bike trails. Aina? Hey.

okjimm said...

Service was 'somewhat' doggerel... but was always fun... and alwasy a pleasure.... The trail is the Wiouwash.... it will be 75 miles when fully completed. I usually just do sections of the southern end... about 20 miles.... a nice brewery at my end, see!

S.W. Anderson said...

Delightful post!

"... a nice brewery at my end" Might've known. ;)

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