Monday, September 29, 2008

Kill Bill

I really hate mondays. Today was no exception. I get here at 7am , check emails, voice mails and then head out and get some coffee. Maybe watch some 'news'. And all the news I saw was some former Mets player who went to trial for killing his ex-girlfriend's cat. That is NEWS? I mean, the guy was sitting there with his lawyer, and thank-you-big-time, the volume was off, but we has gotza this war, this election, this fucking financial crisis.... and they are talking with some shit for brains who kicked a cat to death cause his old girlfriend won't give him a blow for the road!

I really can't wait until the coverage of the Winneconne Pumpkin Harvest is live (and in Color) on NBC!

It is a gloomy day, partly funky, with a good chance of a Jimm-Depression at 4:30.

I wonder what kind of cat it was?


Mary Ellen said...

Geez okjimm...didn't you get a ticket or something for killing a cat or watching somebody run over a cat or something? That could be you in court next...all over the news. Wowsers! You would be famous!

Yes..Monday's, especially ones like today are very depressing and the freakin' gloomy weather isn't helping! Makes me want to go out and kill a cat or something. Ok, maybe not a cat, maybe a mouse. Maybe not a real mouse but my computer mouse...or my computer.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure...kick us Mets fans while we're down.

But killing a defenseless animal is not cool, even if the news is being used as a form of entertainment that these news channels love to air.

Just don't let this guy taint your impression of all former Mets. They're not all bad. Maybe 5% of them, but not all.

okjimm said...

Spartz- got nothing on the Mets, I just really hate it when the National new goes tabloid instead of being 'news'. I just cannot get over how they play some really stupid bits of information and spin them into something that means shit, and I am supposed to believe it's 'news'. Now, if the guy had killed Martha Stewart or had been fund in the Minneapolis airport with his hands down Russ Limbaugh's pants..... now, that may be NEWS.

Mary Ellen said...

oh crap...the image of someone having their hands down Rush Limbaugh's pants is too much to bear this early in the morning...or anytime,for that matter. I wish it were later so I could have a drink to take it away,coffee won't do it.

Randal Graves said...

What the hell okjimm? I'm with Nunly on this. That's cruel and unusual punishment and I hope you get a ticket for it.

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