Friday, September 26, 2008

Ryan Braun's slam leads Brewers over Pirates in 10th inning

Go Brewers!
Ryan Braun's slam in 10th keeps Brewers tied for wild card lead
Milwaukee, WI (Sports Network) - Ryan Braun hit a game-ending grand slam in the 10th inning to give Milwaukee a 5-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, and keep the Brewers tied atop the NL wild card standings going into the final weekend of the season.

.......but I don't really care. Eastern Wisconsin is loaded with Cub fans and Brewer fans. Baseball excites me just slightly more than hockey and a little less than a good crossword puzzle.

I would rather take a trip and see the beauty of the world.

Or maybe I should strive for enlightenment...... and try to understand John McCain.
Mr. McCain’s campaign plane landed in Washington shortly before noon, when there was already tentative word of a bailout deal before he even set foot in the Capitol. Congressional leaders announced that a broad agreement had been reached despite reluctance on the part of conservative Republicans in the House. nytimes.

Boy I sure am glad ol John saved the day. But I don't care.
I could watch the new Sarah Palin movie... or watch her consult resources for clean, articulate and decisive answers.....

But I am deathly sick of politics. ( for now )

I received a nice package yesterday from my brother in Northern Washington. Every year they form an International Group of Hippies from Canada and Washington to harvest blackberries for jam and wine. He sent some jam and fresh canned salmon.

He is in the red shirt on the far right. He also sent a link to his friend Jay Hamburger's Theatre Group..
It was a great respite. I believe I will just think Canada for a day. Forget the election.

..... just gotta be sure Sarah doesn't shoot my bottle.


Utah Savage said...

Slacker man. You are indeed a slacker at heart. But do keep an eye out for the stalking Palin. She'll skin you before she realizes she aren't a baby lynx.

Randal Graves said...

Utah's right, and given the fact that you're a hippie slacker, that means you'll be even less aware of your surroundings due to the various buzzes you all partake in.

DivaJood said...

Jimm, your brother looks like you. And he looks like he's hiding from Palin. And I will just run right out to see "Juneau." Uh-huh.

Border Explorer said...

Not gonna watch "Juneau." I saw enough sex ed movies in high school. Who knew sex could be boring?

Liberality said...

yeah, I'm getting really burnt out on politics. who knew I could get burned out on that topic ;~)

susan said...

I'm finding politics more amusing with each passing day.. of course, I'm drinking again too. To-day wasn't the day to give up drugs either.

Anonymous said...

Packers lose, Brewers Win....

... I was gonna buy a jelly doughnut to celebrate.... but no one has a jelly doughnut at 4pm.

Another thing wrong in America that this campaign has NOT addressed! The shortage of jelly doughnuts in the late pm.

But talking about Jelly Doughnuts.... I think Palin has sucked the Jelly out more than a few dougnuts....which is why the Jelly Doughnut is on the endangered species list in Alaska

I really think the West Coast and the Gulf Coast should be opened up for Jelly Doughnut drilling!

Utah, Randall.... lynx are rare in
Wisconsin... almost as rare as jelly doughnuts after 4pm. I am safe.

*ps. I should never blog after watching football/(baseball) games.

Susan.... Jelly doughnuts are not a good substitute for drugs or drinking.... but they sure do complete them well!

okjimm said...

whoops, no place to be any mouse....especially your own blog!

Mary Ellen said...

I want it all to go away...politics, sports, and jelly donuts (ok...not the donuts but the weight I've gained from eating a couple of 'em this weekend).

If someone shoots your beer, that's war and you have the right to defend yourself. Right?

Have a great day, kiddo.

Anonymous said...

It really sucks to be a Mets fan today...hoo boy! Anyway, from the pic it looks like your brother is enjoying the two-handed goosing he's getting from the lady friend in front of him. Wowsers!
notice I stayed away from politics....

okjimm said...

ME.... there is always room for a jelly doughnut! ALWAYS!!

Spartz----ooooooh, forgot about the New Yawkers.....ouchy!
I'm at Oblio's talking with Ed and Schultzie.... they are running neck&neck in their fantasy baseball dealie.... 3rd place is $550 and 2nd is $1000 and it all comes down to players in the Sox/Tigers game. The lady goosing my brother is his wife....they are a fun couple... he is 6'8" and she is 5'4"; they break me up!

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