Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Time is Running Out

Ok. I am not an Obama fanatic. I really don't think he is the best choice. Personally, I would like Fred Rogers for President, but the dude died on me.

Hey, it was bad enough that he just up and died, but gees, I wished he could have hung around for awhile so I could at least write him in on the ballot.

But Politics are politics and we often have to go to our second choices.

But I guess that dude went and died, too. I really hate it when my heros die on me. It sucks. I mean, the guy would have been PERFECT! And he had a military past, too! He was a CAPTAIN! Not some wimp-shit who sat out the war at a Hilton in Hanoi, with room service and all!

So I thought really, really hard...... who would my next choice be. It would have to be someone idealistic, who respected women, understood conservation needs, was deeply involved in tracking down evil-doers....

...... but then it was pointed out to me that he is a Canadian and cannot run for the Presidency..... which is a rotten shame, iffen you ask me; I think the USA is ready for a Canadian President.

Well, gollllleeee....... so why can't I have a candidate who is reallllllly realllllly energetic, athletic, humble and yet very resourceful
...... but he is dead, too. Shit&whiskers! What's up with all the good dudes, dying?

Ok. There must be a Black Dude, huh? Smart, intelligent, works well with the White community..... great sense of humor...... eloquent, witty, a pioneer in race relations...... someone like...

......................... but Cos is as old as McCain, and I'm sure he has better things to do and as much as I like the guy...... I don't think I could handle four years of pudding ads.
Sorry Bill.

Maybe I am asking too much. Perhaps I have no heros anymore. There just isn't anyone.

I want to believe. Sincerely, I do, but cynicism roils in my belly like some shitty, cheap moonshine..... and my choices have been cut...... I get to choose between the Devil Duck....

And his Polar Queen running mate.......
(she's the one with the lipstick)

...Or I get Obama.

(Hat tip&everything to Jonestown)

I'm just not going to bail out. I am the son of a Democrat who was the son of a German immigrant farmer. My father was my hero. He wasn't the smartest guy, or the wealthiest...... but he was the most ethically, moral man I ever met. He wouldn't vote for McCain and he wouldn't be all that thrilled with Obama, either. I think his choice, if we had choices, in reality, would be the same as mine......


Dean Wormer said...

Plus that last guy has a loving singing voice and promotes healthy eating of vegetables.

Randal Graves said...

I love when pessimism makes one more appearance. Warms my heart. Sniff.

Aw hell, let's just let the entire fucking thing collapse. Ben said 'if we could keep it.' We can't, so let's start over.

The question of the hour, though, is: have you actually seen that version of Popeye?

okjimm said...

Dean.... I always like Popeye, but canned spinach.... doan know... I mean would you eat 'canned lettuce'?

Randal..... have I seen it?

'Sweet Sweethaven
God must love us
We the people
Love Sweethaven
Hurray hurray Sweethaven
Flags are wavin'
Swept people from the sea
Safe from democracy
Sweeter than a melon tree
Put here for you and me
Sweet Sweethaven
God must love us
We the people
Of Sweethaven
God must have landed here
Why else would he strand us here
Where the air is nice and clear
Sweethaven even sounds so near
To Heaven
God will always bless Sweethaven
God will always bless Sweethaven
God will always bless Sweethaven'

I loved (most)that movie!.... I always thought of it as a perfect allegory of America. he-he-he

Outside of 'Killer Clowns From Outer Space' I think it is one of the best movies ever made!

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

My Dad was a racist redneck and if he were alive today he would be beside himself about this &#@% being elected. Hell, I wasn't all that thrilled about Clinton but he was a hell of a lot better than the alternatives.

Border Explorer said...

Dudley Do-Right--that guy could ride a horse. Maybe we could amend the Constitution...

Distributorcap said...


i am writing you in

susan said...

Couldn't we just vote for Bullwinkle? He's American. Ooops, I forgot divajood's announcement that Mooselini shot him.

Katie Schwartz said...

Mr. Rogers always felt so molesteree to me. We were never allowed to watch him growing up, which is a good thing. As an adult, he freaked me out.

I know you're a bluenonjew re: Obams, but I am glad you're voting for him.

PS: The Polar princess comment was sooo funny.

Mary Ellen said...

Umm..okjimm? You're not supporting the Jood/Nunly ticket anymore? No more free beer and donuts? :-(


Anonymous said...

Dean!!!! Good point.

Anonymous said...

DCap - that's two votes for okjimm... but what do you know about bailouts?

DivaJood said...

DCap, okjimm is part of my cabinet. You can't write him in when you have the perfectly great Jood/Nunly ticket.


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