Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busted, Heartbroke and Disillusioned

I busted my lap top a few weeks back. It has made it extremely difficult to keep up with blogs.
It is also gonna be awhile before I can replace it.
Bubba picked up a new-'used' car. Older Volvo and actually, for what he paid, kind of a sweet car.
He asked if I could help him with some new tires.
It is gonna be awhile for that too.

Things got different, real quick.
I work for a Fortune 500 Company that does a tremendous amount of business with Fortune 100 companies. One of them was my client. The new project was to start next tuesday. They have pulled out of the project. It is amazing that an email can tell you what your fourth quarter income will NOT be.
So, ain't no big deal. Other clients, other programs. But we do have a big company and we have a HR department that operates somewhere within the parameters of helpless and hopeless, so I was, essentially, re-hired, and then fired, and then re-re-hired on the same day, even the same hour, as it were. They are amazing.

It was a rather big surprise to my boss, myself and the janitor on the third floor who assures me daily that it is he, and he alone, through his strenous efforts, who holds the company together. The essence is the next few months will find me short a bunch of

I just got the feeling of being screwed. And I am only in the middle of a long, long line.I feel that this is not America, not the one I love. I think even George would be ashamed.

Ok. So it goes. I am meeting the City Editor of the local Gannet newspaper (calling it a newspaper is a stretch, but Karl is a good guy) tonight to watch the debate. We plan on booing and hissing and drinking beer, have a pizza. While we can still afford beer and pizza.


Liberality said...

I am sorry you are having a difficult time with the money thing :(
Maybe I won't root for the fortune 500's demise so readily.

Utah Savage said...

It's too bad for you, but does put some things in perspective for a lot of us. Even the fortunes of a fortune 500 company hits close to home. So sorry man. Good thing you're smart and good looking.

Dusty said... did you bust up your 'puter m'dear?

I can't say I know your exact pain as I am on the dole so to speak..recently disabled..but prices are going through the roof on normal things we need to being on a fixed income I do kinda feel your pain. :(

Love the George graphic however! ;p You always have a good outlook, unlike moi.

Dusty said...

Oh, and I will be hitting ye olde herb this evening, everytime Palin skates on a question...I should be pretty wrecked by the time its the Dodgers are playing Los Cubbies. ...remote will get a workout tonight! ;)

Missy said...

Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I've got an award for you over at my place.

I feel your pain. We're facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. I've already had my truck repo'd and now I'm driving my son's '88 Audi, aka the deathmobile. Knowing others are in the same boat doesn't necessarily help.

Dusty, pass that thing over here.

Randal Graves said...

Well fucking hell man. I've got nothing pithy to say. Wait, here we go: at least they thought well enough of you to rehire you. Want me to steal a laptop from work and send it to you?

Anonymous said...

Dude... I am so sorry about your laptop. I hate when people abuse technology... (heh heh). I'm also sorry about your job situation. Everyone working person is feeling the squeeze in one form or other. While I myself have not been put on any official notice, I've told on several occasions in the past week that Lehman, Merrill and AIG have cashiered many well-qualified systems auditors. Translation: Be very afraid.

But I'm not worried. Last night, as I oogled Sarah Palin's gams during the behind-the-podium shots, she reassured me that she is just like me: a Joe 6-Pack, straight-talking, Maverick. She said she would get back to me should I lose my job. Should I believe her? You Betcha!

okjimm said...

Libs... thanx for the's all right...just another momentary bummer. hugs&stuff.

Utah... ah, I'm always just a smidgeon short of smart and good-looking.... but it never bothered me... cause I'm good-smart and looking. :)

Dusty... it was an asshole making a right turn in front of a fast going bicylist (moi) the laptop was in the pack. collision&shit.
and waz this baseball stuff....c'mon Martha Stewart has her own channel...iffen you need excitement!

Missy... thanks, kiddo. it inspired my next post. Folks with smiles and jokes&such are always the richest folks what is!!! ;)

Randal.... I love a thief. Espically one with taste(some) Can you send it to me PO Box?

Spartz... I actually thought her itzy-bitzy tush was better that her legs, but to be honest it was her straight talking eloquence that really excited me.

Shalom, all.

Distributorcap said...

i am so sorry about your laptop. i have two - i will give you one

as for working for those fortune 500 companies - i think i work for a fortune 5 company - and trust me - you would think they are going out of business in a few days -- they are now inspecting orders for office supplies.....

i am not kidding i had to show them i had no blank CDs left

okjimm said...

Dcap.... the client I had worked for was #2. One of their divisions. They said Hurricane Ike fucked everything up and they wouldn't be back till second quarter 09. Assholes. Yuppers, they talk like they have to account for paperclips. Sheesh!
That's what I get for living down the food chain. (but the beer is better!)

DivaJood said...

NOthing worse than a broken laptop, except the thought of McCain/Palin in the White House.

Dean Wormer said...


The Fortune 500 company I work for never accidentally fired/ rehired anyone. We've misplaced lots of employees. About six years ago I had a temp ask to use the bathroom and I haven't seen him since.

Longest. Duke. Ever.

Sorry about the laptop. I assume it had something to do with beer...

okjimm said...

Ms Jood.... Yea, the puter thing is still bumming me out. Start a blog, bust your laptop.

Dean, that really broke me up! Is the Dude still lost?

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