Tuesday, June 24, 2008

well.....I'm not smart

but distributor cap NY is. Articulate. Informed. Documented. Kind. Insightful. &stuff. I know alotta folks already know where he is, and what he is about.....(falling down and being picked up by celebrities) but if anyone checking these pages hasn't checked his......do yourself a favor. Jonestown races....five miles long, do-dah.....do-dah...... good stuff....&more!!!!


Anonymous said...

Like you, DCap is a peach.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm looking at your sidebar. Thanks for adding me to the cheese curds! Mmmm. Cheese curds. And beer.

anita said...

oh my!!! there you are!!! it's about time you blogged yourself!!!

as ahnoold once said ... aaahhhll beee bock.


Randal Graves said...

The man knows his stuff, that's for damn sure. We should run him for president.

okjimm said...

Ya, I think the Dcap dude is really good.

Peach, DCup....I always thought of myself as more of a cranberry kinda guy.

I agree with you, Randal, but from what I have read, he prefers running in Central Park.

okjimm said...

Oh, &Anita....y'all come on back any ol time. Beer is in the fridge...help yourself. Just never take the last one!

Distributorcap said...

whoa boy --- my reputation is preceding me

to say the least

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