Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Wood Chuck DAY!!!

I know it may escape the attenion of most people these days, but it is a well established fact that today is Wood Chuck Day!!!!
It is a centuries old tradition that I just made up where the wood chuck who lives on the shores of Lake Puckaway looks in the mirror in the morning, sees my face, and makes a resolution to never look in a mirror again. And I quite agree. Some mornings I look in the mirror and see a wood chuck and vow never make a resolution again, much less wake up tomorrow!

Anyways.... Wood Chuck Day is the start of the New Years Resolution season. Yup. Not making that up one bit, either. And it is a good thing.... making resolutions. Can't break 'em if ya ain't made 'em..... as my astute and dearly departed Uncle Ray would say. So in the spirit of the season I offer my first two resolutions of 2010.

1) I am going to open a new business. Yessirree Bob! This office shit is getting stale. I am going to build a bungee jumping tower. I think it is a great idea!!! Oh...! The fun I am going to have. I am enclosing a preliminary photo of what I intend to build. Any observations on my idea would be appreciated. I'm figuring that if I build it, they will come, but suggestions are good, too.

2) I plan on taking up fishing. Never really gave it a fair shot. That whole deal of putting worms on barbed hooks and then flailing the water with the line it is attached to until the whole top of the lake is frothy.... well it just never sounded like fun. And ..... GET THIS!!! Iffen you really do catch a fish.............why........ you're expected to cut it's head off, slit it up the middle and take it's guts out! Whoa! Now give me a break or give me a beer! That, I figured, was never gonna happen! But then my buddy, Dimly, told me about this 'new' kinda fish......

... and I'm thinking it might be worth another look.


susan said...

Not a bad idea but I think I'd pass on the baited hook. Maybe a net would work :-)

Randal Graves said...

That mermaid's nice and all, but, you know, you can't really do anything. Hmm, sounds like marriage. Bwahahahahaha, etc. Pass that beer.

Sherry Peyton said...

Well Jim me boy, looks to me that you are headed down the wrong road here. And it's not even the new year yet. Don't listen to that Randall dude, he's a notorious bad influence. Back to the drawing board.

okjimm said...
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okjimm said...

Susan....I've been on the need a computer to make it work.

Randal... beer uber alles!

Sherry.... I tried the 'right' road. It lead to Mankato and I didn't have any fun at all!

Lisa said...

Well, you've given me an idea, too! My resolution will involve mermaids, offices, wood chucks and a bungee cord.


okjimm said...

Wowsers, Lisa.... throw in some baby oil, a couple of midgets and some whipped cream and it could be an interesting new year!!!!

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