Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What About Peter?

Ok. That time of the year. Just a bunch of emails and we all get together. This time, up North at John's cottage. We drink. Cook good food. Talk stupid, laugh alot. Smoke cigars around the campfire. Drink. Look at hot young girls along the river. Drink. & generally act like we did thirty years ago. Except thirty years ago we would get thrown out of bars.

Are you ready to play this weekend? YES YES Yes

While I don’t have a lot of plans (and would like your input on options), here’s the scoop:

Friday: fish fry at local restaurant (good fish-all you can eat with fabulous hash browns for $7.95 Can everyone arrive before 5:00pm? I can, do they have a senior discount we're trying to catch? Is 5PM cocktail time? Yes….beverages will be flowing the minute we get there…if not earlier. Thought it would be fun to have a few before we leave for dinner.

Saturday: breakfast Tim responsible (it better be good) Regular or Honey Nut?
Lunch John responsible
Dinner: Rosey….Tim mentioned that you had this famous chicken dinner. Do you want to do it??? I'll do it.......will I have to buy the fixin's? No, I think you can get one of the breakfast boys to help out (or if Tom or Hacker come, they can do it)

Things to do options: boating, fishing, rafting the wolf or golf. Email everyone if you want to play golf so we can bring our clubs I can do all or any. Grill had a good question on how high is the water. How bout a good answer? Who is the outfitter? My neighbor went last week and had a good time, I'll ask more questions My clubs are 50 years old and I'm afraid to diminish their collector value by using them, plus I'm still too young for golf. How about rafting? Ray mentioned he was concerned about rafting since he had an issue with a bump on his leg (he is on Coumadin)

Sunday breakfast: Ray Does he get to bring a bad one? Beer is OK, but not Bud, OK? And donuts

Snacks: Grill (but everyone should bring something to munch on)

All: bring the beverage (or two) of your choice. I'll bring a growler of Rush River Double Bubble.

Remember to bring your swimming suit, sleeping bag and pillow

Any other ideas???? Can you schedule the 'bikini girls' for 4pm Saturday, John? Already done….guaranteed to be even hotter this year…. I'm bringing the Kayaks again. I'll bring as mixed drink cooler if we go on the raft trip, no cans or bottles.

See you all soon. Hey! What about Peter?


Randal Graves said...

Once I scheduled the bikini girls for a 4pm Saturday and all I got was my lousy wife in her PJs.

Since you hate custard donuts, send 'em my way!

Sherry Peyton said...

No doubt they require you to register ahead of time so they can get up the yellow tape and cordon off a square mile: Old men trying to remember youth. Enter at peril.

And, ummm, I think the "girls" don't care for men whose hair emanates from their ears. But hey, go for it.

okjimm said...

'old men'?????? Excuse me!~ they correct expression is,
'Men who are not quite as young as they used to be'!!!!
Semantics is everything!!

Unknown said... sounds like so much fun Jim. I am quite jealous and hope you will tell us many tall tales after you return..hopefully some photos too!

Laura said...

Drinking and kayaking?? Throw in the bikini girls and that sounds like a lethal mix.
I'm sure we'll be reading about y'all in the papers next week. Hehe..
Have fun! Hope you make the seniors discount! :D

Life As I Know It Now said...

how about gentlemen who have matured and know how to behave themselves? opps, wrong group I guess. and yes, framing is everything...

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. sure. You guys smoked cigars. I'll bet a box of doughnuts they were thin, hand-rolled spliffs of special tobacco.

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