Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A lie is whatever I want it to be; the truth is usually much less interesting.
I have

..immersed my self in 'Peace like a River', Leif Enger. I have saved the last 50 pages for tonight. every good boy deserves a favor..... and sometimes even boys like me. I would highly recommend it to Sherry Payton and Missy. sometimes everyone needs a good book.

..I cleaned my entire apartment. including scrubbing the bathroom floor.

..I have quit drinking for Lent. Lent is two days, right?

..still grokking Neko Case, 'Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. I thought it was bad.... then I thought it was good and then I thought I needed a beer. Lent's over, right? I would recommend it to Lisa, cause new music is Golden..... and there are really peachy-keen Edward Gorey type graphics all over it.

..The curfew tolls the knell of parting day
The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea,+
The ploughman homeward plods his weary way,
And leaves the world to darkness and to me.

Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight,
And all the air a solemn stillness holds,
Save where the beetle wheels his droning flight,
And drowsy tinklings lull the distant folds:

.. fully expect to win the lottery tomorrow
..the goddam coffee machine at the office is not working

..The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

..Bell's Brewery Hop Slam is my new favorite beer. Oblio's picked up another barrel just for me.

..good lies are hard to come by. and sometimes the truth is just a like a sparrow fallen frozen from the sky.
and sometimes...............


Dean Wormer said...

Hopslam a dark beer?

okjimm said...


No. A very malty IPA. Almost citrus-y after taste. About 10% ABV, so you have to be VERY careful having more than one. Bells is out of Kalmazoo, MI and brews some great stuff. HopSlam is a seasonal, not sure how far distribution will go, West-wise. A Fantastic Beer!! Goes well with a strong white cheese and loose women. (or loose string cheese and strong women... after two, you don't care.

Randal Graves said...

Beer snobs, you're all just like Wall Street! Isn't it against the law for a Wisconsinite to NOT drink Old Milwaukee?

anita said...

i have the same kind of reaction to nekko case. sometimes i think she's really great. then she annoys me. another one i tend to like then hate is imogen heap. don't know why that is.

okjimm said...

Yes, Randal, a beer snob and very proud of it!!

Hey, everybodies gotz to have a cache of sometin'!

Anita...re: Imogene. Ok. someone else to check out. the music store called yesterday... my last order is in!

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