Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need Crackers.....

Because I am Crackkkkkking up...

What a Friend We Have in Cheeses

What a friend we have in cheeses,
Mozzarella, Cheddar, Swiss!
Bleu and Limberger's sweet breezes
Lingering like a lover's kiss.
Humble milk's apotheosis,
Muenster, Provolone, Brie
Damn cholesterol's thrombosis
Cheese is Gouda stuff by me!

Heed the U. S. Dairy Council,
Keep the Gruyere on the shelf
Even just a tiny ounce'll
Give you vitamin B-12.
Gather, pilgrims at the deli
Buying Edam and Havarti,
Wedges moist and cold and smelly,
Bring home lots and have a party!

-found on web


Utah Savage said...

I have crackers; I'm assuming you have beer. Or is it I'm crackers? I forget, but you've got beer, right?

anita said...

i usually like cheese. and would have found that poem interesting. but i'm in the middle of radiation therapy and i'm all nauseous. but they TELL me that radiation doesn't cause nauseousness and it's all in my head, in my brain. whatever. so, to make a long story short, no cheese or beer for me.

and as for me as well, i KNOW for a FACT that i'm crackers. seriously crackers. and cracked.

okjimm said...

Utah.....I have beer&cracker&cheese.... the collective three compensate for all the other coincidentals I do not have.

Anita... do hang in there. Don't let THEM tell you ANYTHING....it's not what is in your brain that is of importance.... but the goodness that is in your heart that matters. I think there is more goodness there than you realize.

Randal Graves said...

So brains don't matter? Can I get rid of mine? Hate to see all that prime storage space wasted.

anita, tell those docs to go to hell and horribly burn in a lake of lighter fluid. My stomach will keep an eye on your cheese for you.

Distributorcap said...

i avoid gruyere and limberger - but i will still buy you a beer

Dusty said...

Beer and cheese..hmmm...

Crackers are needed...but the question is..what kind?

They simply must complement the beer!

Anonymous said...

As long as it doesn't come sliced and individually wrapped in plastic, I'm good with cheese. I'll pass on the whine, though.

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