Friday, September 5, 2008

Checking Out Randall

OK. I'm checking out Randall tomorrow.

No, not the deranged, French speaking, slack-off denizen of beautiful Down-Town Ohio.
The Randall with two L's

Camp Randall. Like, the stadium where the Wisconsin Badgers throw parties for 80,000.


On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin
Plunge right through that line,
Run the ball clear down the field, boys
Touchdown sure this time
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin
Fight on for her fame,
Fight, Fellows, Fight, Fight, Fight
We'll win this game!

Dude emails me with an offer of 4, count 'em-FOUR season tickets, 45 yard line, twenty seven rows up right behind the Badger bench. And the sweet part is the are HALF price tickets

(called obstructed view- pffft, I'veused 'em before; if someone gets smacked RIGHT in front of the bench, you may not see all the blood)

So I am slacking at work and making some phone calls. Kick-off is 11am. Lucinda and Joslyn and I were just talking about a football game in Madison and how much fun it can be. Joslyn is checking with Carver, but it all seems like a lock. Now, please, I will not disrespect any other Big Ten schools, but Wisconsin rocks for football. I would go to Camp for the party even if they DID NOT play a game. Beer is all over the place, brats and cheese are readily available!!And the Marching Band is truly awesome.

Now the partying starts early, but the best tradition is at the end of the game. That’s when the band does the "Fifth Quarter." Usually 50,00 fans hang around to sing and dance to stadium favorites such as "On Wisconsin" and the "Bud" song, which is punctuated by the phrase: "When you’ve said Wisconsin, you’ve said it all!" The whole stadium rocks. And the partying continues all day. You never know what will happen. I remember some very memorable times there when I was in my twenties. Or, I sorta remember them. On one occasion I hitch-hiked from Oshkosh to Madison...... and woke up Sunday morning in Chicago. That one is a real foggy memory.

We're checking out the Dane after the game

Great beer. Great Burgers.

No Donuts.

And the cozy part is that the Black Keys are playing a free show that night. At the alliant Center.

Bubba is going down to the concert and we may hook up with him there. Or maybe not.

Fuck Politics..... gonna catch me a football game!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of you, dude. Season ducats for college football? Did you just die and go to heaven on that sweet deal? Makes me want to head out there and hang for a weekend. Have a great time. I'll be at home tomorrow weathering Hannah.

okjimm said...

Spartz.... I only get them for one game, alas. My buddy has owned them for about ten years, and he was not real excited about UW vs Marshall. If it was Ohio St or Michigan....pfffft...I sure don't get 'em!
But game day is game day.... and Big Ten Football is something I really dig!!

Don't sweat Hannah. I survived Hurricane Cheryl ten years ago. Divorce can be good. ;)

Randal Graves said...

Thanks for not checking me out, I'd rather just be friends.

Dude, brats. Damn I'm hungry. Tailgating, football, plus some rock and/or roll? Now that's one fine day.


Missy said...


Okay, I may not be into the stats an all--pro-football can be such a drag in Michigan--but college ball, yeah! Sounds like a swingin' good time.

My 13 year old tells me he'll be playing for Michigan one day. Can't wait for those games.

Mary Ellen said...

Wait! How many tickets did you say you had? You are taking me with you, right? No???? that way. Have a beer on me...oh wait, I won't be there to buy it for you. Oh well.

Mathman6293 said...

My boss is an NU Alum so we have a small Big Ten group here in Georgia but with UGA well we're over shawdowed. Either way I' glad IU won at least one game.

Sparticus - is Hannah your wife or the storm?

susan said...

You make football sound like a whole lotta fun. Hope you have a great time.

Dusty said...

Oh man, that WI fight song is now going to run through my freaking head the rest of the weekend! ;)

Freida Bee said...

I'm jealous on the Black Keys front, not so much the football, but it does sound like you'll enjoy it.

I do want to hear more about the hitchhiking....

okjimm said...

Mathman.... the NU game is always a big deal. I had some friends that went to school there from Wisconsin.... makes the party even merrier!

Susan.... at a Wisconsin game... the game itself is only PART of the fun (sometimes less than 20%)

Dusty, sing it WITH me!
'On Wisconsin,
On Wisconsin
Let's all get a beer..'

Wowsers, Freida..... hitch-hiking....buncha experiences....lemmee work on it.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, WIsconsin is a good school. ... But isn't there more to Wisconsin than their football team?

Well, maybe Wisconsin wasn't so hot after all.

okjimm said...

Any Mouse.... gees, I doan think you read the post.

//more to Wisconsin than their football team //

...ya, French restaurants on the square, great Brew-pubs, Indie-Rock.....


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