Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's the difference between a Pit Bull &........

Boy& Howdy..... I really like the candidness of the Republican VP candidate......she lays her experience right on out there........

" I am a hockey mom!""What's a hockey mom?"

All right, Laura, I know that is a challenging question and I will see if I can help you.

This is a Hockey Mom

OOOOOPs.... nope. I was just pucking with you!This is a Hockey Mom!

And I REALLY REALLY loved her joke......

"What is the difference between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull?"

lemmee see,,,,,,,,,,, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

a pit bull doesn't give blow jobs?

Michael Vick never staged Hockey Mom fights?

Pit bull's cannot join the NRA and shoot wolves from helicopters?

A Hockey Mom looks better on all fours?

Pit bulls are banned in more communities than Hockey Moms?

Pit bulls are cheaper to feed?

Pit bulls are usually more articulate?

McCain couldn't find a pit bull to run as VP?

Pit Bulls are more loving and loyal than Hockey Moms?


Damn! I shoulda known!!!

So what are you saying, Sarah? Dick Cheney wears lipstick, or he doesn't?

You will support government programs like,

"No Rink Left Behind"

"Don't Puck, Don't Tell" ?

Lipstick! Damn, I gottzit now!!!

Listen, I got one too!

What's the difference between the mayor of Wasilla, AK and a Pit Bull Breeder...........?

The Pit Bull Breeder gets to sell the puppies!


Billie Greenwood said...

I'll notify Statcounter to prepare for the influx of hits headed your way.

Randal Graves said...


Anonymous said...


Missy said...

a shih tzu?

Mary Ellen said...

When are you going to start writing about beer,donuts and dead cats again?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the differences Palin and pit bulls, but I have to wonder if the word "bitch" was on her mind when she made the comparison.

Randal Graves said...

spartacus, don't be sexist.

Dammit, I want a donut. With custard. And make sure the chick behind the counter has lipstick on. And find out if she likes hockey.

Mary Ellen said...

Looks like okjimm isn't around. I wonder if he's been thrown in jail because of the dead cat incident. Maybe I should start baking a cake with a file in it, or a beer in it or somethin'.

Hey jimm....there's been a change on my blog, go check it out. ;-)

Missy said...

You know what's bothering me about this whole hockey mom thing?

She is a mother of five, but she only has one son. Do her daughters play hockey? Or does she only define herself by her son's activities?

Bristol is the REAL "hockey mom."

(Ok, that was so not nice.)

okjimm said...

Aw, Spartz.... I don't think I really wanna know what is on Sarah's mind..... ever.

ME.... I love me the doughuts, and beer and dead cats, and cheese..... It's the ex-wife and ex girlfriends that really bring me down these days.

Randal!? What! you want someone to put lipstick on your DOUGHNUT! Wowsers!

Missy.... // Or does she only define herself by her son's activities?//

Gees, maybe she does activities with Bristol, too. Three-somes with her and Levi? The Alaskan nights are cold and dark, eh!

(boy, talk about not being nice!)

Mary Ellen said...

Hang in there, buddy. Getting piled on is no fun, but the sun will come up can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...there'll be sun. Sing sing...blah blah...etc. etc.

Oh forecast calls for rain again. Sorry 'bout that. I shouldda checked that out first before that disgusting display of song and dance (yes, I was dancing while singing that).

Anijo said...

Pit Bulls don't speak in tongues.

okjimm said...

Jo.... but they 'give' go tongue.... without lipstick, too!

susan said...

I loved this found on Alternet with top GOP pundits caught saying her nomination was 'bullshit'.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I guess I miss all the fun--I didn't watch her or the RNC at all ;)

Anonymous said...

In order to become a Hockey Mom, you must play Hockey and you must become a Mom.

To become a Mom, you've got to convince some guy to become a Hubby for you, and also a Dad.

So why are you confused about the Beauty Queen picture? Is not such a display of an attractive body a good way to convince some stud that he wants to become a Hubby and a Dad?

Were you raised in Saudi Arabia where the women cannot show their good traits?

okjimm said...

anon.... I guess I do not understand your confusion re: whimsy.

No, not Saudi Arabia. A different foreign country, along the mississippi.

Anonymous said...


You appeared to be confused about the Birds and the Bees. I just thought I'd explain it to you Hermaphrodites.

okjimm said...

// confused about the Birds and the Bees //

not confused at all. Bees sting you and birds shit in you hair.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you don't like girls!

okjimm said...

and does anonymous have a name?

...or is it just any mouse?

Utah Savage said...

Okjimm that's one very fine piece you've put together. I loved all your versions of the Pit Bull punch-line. And I want to go head to head with anonymous. God I hate cowards who hide their identity.

Unknown said...

Besides the fact that Queenie from AK did a huge disservice to Pit's everywhere..

I loved this post!

Freida Bee said...

I guess they don't have soccer moms in Alaska. Is this why she was in favor of Alaska seceding? Maybe this is the first stage of a coup.

okjimm said...

Wowsers.... this is my first opportunity at a computer since last friday.... Utah, I don't sweat the trolls...ain't no deal....

Dusty.... the more I hear of the woman...the more I revile her.

Freida... now if she was a 'soccer' Mom, she might be more likeable. Hockey? No way!

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