Saturday, June 21, 2008


I irritate myself. I lost my glasses again. Or misplaced them in my apartment. I mean, I know that there are in the apartment and misplaced. Which can mean that they are lost for awhile. Now Cleanliness may be next to Godliness........but tidiness is no where close to jimmlyness. We don't come close. Not by miles. So what I did is took them off and put them somewhere I usually don't.

And here's the deal....I need them only for distance and can't read shit with them on....and do not need them in the apartment except for watching TV.....which I don't do sometimes I just take them off and put them in odd places......those suckers could be ANYWHERE....I get absent minded, too, sometimes, sorta......anyways....I found them once in the refrigerator, once behind the cactus on the porch.....often I have to (CLEAN) tidy the whole fucking apartment just to find them....gimmee a break, huh?

And if I try to get around outside .... well after about two hours I feel just like I did doing that Blue-Micro Dot acid at the Who concert in 76. Really really fuzzy.

...and the Bug and I are headed to Dimly's son's graduation open house late this afternoon......
.....and I will not be able to drive...and we also do neat shit at Dimly's. He lives on high bank along the river and driving golf balls at the jet-skiers is a gas....jet-skiers are real assholes, anyways.....and Steve gets this great pharmaceutical pot from his brother in CA and we can go out on his boat and smoke and Christy makes the best goddam foo.

Shit....I gotta find those glasses....I might have put them in with the laundry....maybe if I just did the laundry.....or maybe they are on the spice rack.....I dunno


Randal Graves said...

You should put a little bell on them.

t36 said...

I keep loosing my glasses too.
When I find them, they are usually on my nose.

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

What does "do laundry mean"?

I have a vague memory of that concept.

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness

I'm going to hell for sure.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh man...I'm so darned close to God with that cleanliness thing that he might feel the need to tidy up before I get there.

Did you look for your glasses on your big ol' Wisconsin cheesehead? ;-)

susan said...

I don't bother with glasses anymore since I got a prescription windshield for my car. It goes well with the pay phone in the back seat.

Liberality said...

good luck with finding them. I find my hubby's glasses all the time. he will put them down somewhere and then poof, forget where he put them. so we are like searching all over the place sometimes ;)

okjimm said...

.....yuppers.....they were in the shower. By the shampoo.

Randal....Bell? Shit, I'm partially deaf, too!

T...I have found them on the nose. but my nose is a big place and they can get lost there, too.

JoA...going to Hell? hmmmm...ran out of tumbleweeds in Neu Merica?

Damn, ME, you can come and help me clean!!!! I did have someone come and help, once....but the carnivorous dust-bunnies ate her!!

Susan...hmmmm damn fine do they make prescription windshields for trail bikes???

Liberality...ah, thanks for is kinda the 'Grand Opening' of my blog. I was gonna give out free balloons&Stuff....and itzy-bitzy pizza pieces like they do at the supermarkets......but I ran out of money. Spent it all on beer.
Love your blog!

Scarlet W. Blue said...

But seriously, what IS close to jimmliness?

okjimm said...

What is close to jimmliness?
Oblio's ---- twenty-seven taps and free wireless, only a block away....

The library...just another wireless

The coffee house...two wireless

I used to be close to Cheryliness...but the divorce was final, oh wow, like, hmmm, gotta think, eleven years ago? Cut them wires real good!

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