Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh.... the thrill of weather proofing & trimming one's beard

Well.... the weather of late has been wet, snowy,slushy, puddly, and well, gosh... it was time to oil up the old boots.
So I got out the saddle soap, cleaned up well, brushed them out, dry them and rubbed in some mink oil.  Should be good for a bit.

Been getting into reading old books.  Found a copy of Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land".... the author's edition, not what was edited for publication in the 60's.  Still a good read.

Listening to old music too.  Dylan's "John Wesley Harding"  old 'Return to Forever'.
It is kinda like taking and old soul, mine, and adding some TLC ... and mink oil, just to keep everying pliable and water repellent.

Had a few drinks with the friday afternoon crowd at Oblio's yesterday.  Nick was back from his trip to Florida, on the job, working on boat motors.  Had a bit of sun color on his forehead.  Said it was in the 80's.  Al & Katie stopped.  I still want to steal his South Side Ice Yacht club jacket.  I think he is starting to take me serious and will not remove it in my presence.  Katie said she will bring nut bread next week.  Joe is walking more... said he has twenty lbs he would like to lose now that he is retired.  Cool said he could lose 180 if he could lose me.  Cool is a funny guy.

Went to the Moon this morning for coffee.  Aaron's wife was entertaining her two year old.  She played peek-a-boo with me for a bite.  The laughter of children is the fresh air that streams serene from tall mountains. It was good.

The Jambalaya art collective was having a rummage/art sale to raise some money to pay the heat bill.  Got a couple of neat framed prints, some candles and a funky ceramic clown.  All of it for under  $30.  A deal.

And now the day goes on.  Must trim the beard.  It gets thick and wolly in neglect, as do all things.

I remember when it was all black. Or maybe I remember.  Perhaps I should use mink oil instead of Hair Color for Men.

.... and then again.....


Sherry Peyton said...

ahh, sounds like a nice time was had by all. Why do men grow beards and then rebel at taking care of them? Seems stupid. But then....oh never mind. We shall be out of snow I think by the end of next week. We are going back to the 40's for several days. Yippee. This winter has been okay as they go.

Alecto said...

mink oil for sure.

Gavrillo said...

"Thick and Wolly" now there's a good title for something.I really appreciate the down-home thoughts. Make me want jump down to the moon or catch one as the tap. Cheers.

Ahab said...

Hmmm. If you grew your beard long and kept it well-oiled, you could braid it.

Beach Bum said...

That reminds me, need to fish out my old and last pair of army boots and clean them up.

Well.... the weather of late has been wet, snowy,slushy, puddly, and well, gosh... it was time to oil up the old boots.

Down here its cold one day then unseasonably warm the next. Plays Hell with my sinuses.

Cynthianne said...

...weatherproofing and trimming one's beard...

Well, if you are going to weatherproof your beard, the mink oil is the way to go...

okjimm said...

Sherry... I grew my first beard because it looked better than moss on my face...I never was a Fungi.

Alecto... for sure. Mink Oil can also be used on salads and for frying eggs. Versatile stuff.

G'rillo...I embrace wooly... underwear. must wash one of these days.

Ahab .... it was long, once, I braided it once...went to party as Blackbeard.

Dear Bum... Oily boots are good...

Cynthia... thanks for stopping by.

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