Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Throng of thousands (give or take the invisible snowmen)

Sometimes I try to watch the news on Sunday mornings.  Try.  It is tough.  Today I watched a clip of Rick saying, and this may not be totally accurate, "that we need a candidate that will fight the junk science of global warming."

Last year, the former Pennsylvania senator earned $142,500 for his work as a consultant for Consol Energy, according to


Sheesh.... mostly he was just ranting and raving .  So I turned the channel.   Caught another show that had about four people talking over each other and spewing some shit about Newt being ahead.... I guess they meant he was ahead of Rick.  Kinda makes me think of a race where a banana is ahead of the grapefruit.

So I checked another channel.  Just missed a 'Golden Girl' rerun.  At that point I thought I would mosey on out and get a coffee at the Moon and read some news.  Newspapers do not scream at you.
Throngs of hundreds supporting Walker

There was a nifty ARTICLE about 'over a thousand' rallying to support neo-Fascist Fuehrer GOVERNOR Scott Walker.  I guess that was a good crowd after the Recall supporters turned in petitions of over 1.2 million asking for his removal from office.

I guess it must have been a good rally, probably made more entertaining because..... the governor was not there!  

The guy breaks me up.

Walker reminds me alot of Santorum...with one notable exception.... Santorum is not afraid to say stupid shit..... where as Walker IS a stupid shit who doesn't say anything.

Still have a couple of hours until the football games start.  Maybe I can find a 'Golden Girls' rerun yet.  Or I do have Bob Newhart on DVD.  Bob always helped me get in touch with my feelings.

49'ers over the Giants by ten.


Sherry Peyton said...

Oh I watch "UP" on MSNBC every sat and sun with Chris Hays. His show is long enough that they can really get into some good stuff. I'm also getting more and more addicted to Morning Joe. I'm a political junkie. What can I say.
And as to Walker? Oh my that dude is toast. Just toast. I can't wait to hear this "slink out of office speech." should be a hoot.

okjimm said...

Sherry.... I do not think I could handle an hour of TV news.....the library is only a block from my house and the print media doesn't scream at me.

Walker is so vapid that it becomes increasingly obvious that someone is pulling his string....hmmmm have a Koch?

Tom Harper said...

I wouldn't count Scott Walker out. The Koch Brothers purchased the governorship for him, and by God they'll spend as many millions as it takes to make sure their favorite errand boy doesn't get voted out.

Gavrillo said...

The picture of "Skippy" Walker as he's affectionately known in our neck of the woods compares to the way I feel. I think my doctors would say I look better. Without a decibel meter, I can't accurately describe the voice levels of TV people. I can, however, compare it to my elevated voice levels when I see the dog ( blue heeler/border collie) running full throttle at the cat who's innocently trotting down the driveway unaware of the impending 50 pound hulk aiming to knock him over. Ijigits, indeed.

susan said...

I like your attitude. The line about the banana being ahead of the grapefruit made me snorkle my tea.

Christopher said...

The football games yesterday were the only reason we turned on the TV.

Congrats to the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Now, it's 2008 redux. I this will be an epic rematch.

S.W. Anderson said...

I think, and hope, Walker has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel.

Snoring Dog Studio said...

Bob Newhart for President! Yeah, I loved that show. I really couldn't look at Santorum's face for four years, let alone four minutes. He has the look of a guy with a grapefruit for a brain.

okjimm said...

SDS.... and Howard Borden for VP!

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