Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dirty Hands, Supremes, and a damn good burger

OK... it's been a beautiful week in Downtown Wixconsin.  Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, who barely won his seat in a contentious election and recount saga, has been accused of arguing and choking fellow Justice Ann Bradley.  Of course, he said it was in self defense.  Last year he got into into it with Chief Justice Shirley Abramson, calling her a 'bitch' and threatening to 'destroy' her.  Back then he said the woman 'goaded him into inopportune statements.  Whoa!  You can read a bit more HERE. 
last week I ran into Dirty Hands Randy...I hadn't seen him for about a year...and, gosh, there he was again!!  Now, two things about, he always seemed to have a job that left his hands permanently, ah, soiled, no matter how much he would scrub them.  He was  a roofer, and asphalt spreader, dyed cabinets in a factory, hence the name. Secondly, he is the most benign alcoholic I have ever known.  When some get too drunk, there is the possibility for violence, rude behavior... when Randy is drunk, which is more often than not, there is more than a remote chance of Shakespeare ,Keats or Nietzsche...with perhaps quotes from Casey Stengel thrown in for color.
So there I was, ensconced on a cafe table at the Farmer's Market enjoying a fresh egg sandwich and lo and behold, he graced me with his presence, and grace is all it can be, for despite his pock-marked face, his tight, taut girth, his resplendent wardrobe that varies in only the shades of gray or black t-shirts he favors, there is a quality about him and  to his voice that can only be described as a belch, conducted by Bach, breezing through canyon walls. "Jim," says he,"you look well and fit!" This, as if he had just seen me a week previous. "All things considered," I replied, "things are ok.  I thought you were in Rehab?" Which is the last I had heard. "Ah, it did not take. Some things are not meant to be. ' Adversity tests us from time to time and it is inevitable that this testing continues during life.' I read that somewhere," he said... "I don't remember where." He grinned a grin, said, 'hold on' left for a minute and returned with two Bloody Mary's.  The next hour was an explanation of his time trying to dry out at the VA Hospital in Chicago... his escape from there, his stint at working in a Group Home in Gary, his return to Wisconsin, a brief job at a meat packing plant in Madison and his return to Oshkosh for the roofing season.  There were queries about my kids, our mutual friend Fritz.  All in all, it was a good conversation.... and before he left I gave him my phone number and the promise of a few beers some afternoon.  Now, that may happen, or it may not... he did say something about the fishing being rather good up around Eagle River.  To quote Casey, there is something about Randy..."He could fall into a sewer and come up with a gold watch."
 Lastly, a friend has given me a great tip about the bar down the street, a place I would never frequent, the music being too loud and the patrons too prone to slamming dice on the bar, that serves excellent burgers.  Indeed, he was correct... a mushroom swiss third pounder with home made chips for only $4.50.  Thank goodness for carryout.  Now if I could just get Randy to run for the Supreme Court......


Sherry Peyton said...

Somehow that all fit together. I'm not sure why, my head must be as mushy as yours. LOL. It took me a long time to learn that some of the smartest people weren't necessarily the most educated. Stay cool.

Ahab said...

"...there is a quality about him and to his voice that can only be described as a belch, conducted by Bach, breezing through canyon walls."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! I love it!

I now have a mental image of Randy and the Belching Tabernacle Choir performing "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" at Red Rocks.

Randal Graves said...

Holy dead animal parts, that burger looks ridiculously perfect for breakfast right now. I'm gonna buy one and listen to some Bach.

Leslie Parsley said...

Ditto Ahab. A "voice that can only be described as a belch, conducted by Bach, breezing through canyon walls" conjures up all kinds of delightful images. Priceless.

Re Prosser: He's a despicable POS and no different from rapists and spouse abusers in blaming the victim.

susan said...

I think your entire circle of friends would be better suited to public office than the crop now in power. Okjimm for President.

Squatlo said...

You had me at Bach... being a Bach disciple has few relative benefits today, but I've found one here! Best post since the last time I told you that. Goddamn it, you keep coming up with the best damn prose this side of Vonnegott, and you do it so (seemingly) effortlessly.
I'm jealous!
Great pic, by the way. That looks drool inducing, and I'm 800 miles away and full as a tick.
One more time... Well damn done!
Best to your friend, and the struggles we all deal with in one form or another.
(shit, that was good one...)

Christopher said...


Your splendid new governor is really pissing me off. I'm fighting the urge to get in my SUV and drive up there and put some 6'2" 230lbs. queer rage on his sorry ass.

In 2009, Wisconsin passed a domestic partnership registry law that provided the right to visit your partner in the hospital.

In 2011 Governor Scott Walker wants to abandon that law. Why? Because he hates "teh gays" and says it violates the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Luckily, the courts stepped in and stepped on him and blocked his vicious homophobia.

But, I'd still like to kick his ass. Want to join in the fun?

nonnie9999 said...

another perfect okjumm story. the people you know are so much more interesting than the ones i know.

Leslie Parsley said...

Just saw where Prosser angrily snatched a mic out of the hands of a local Fox reporter. He quickly handed it back but it still shows the guy has no anger management skills.

The Fox report was actually pretty damn good.

S.W. Anderson said...

LOL, after Prosser, I'll bet Wisconsin's Supremes would welcome Randy with open arms — dirty hands, limited wardrobe, tippling habit and all.

You drew a delightful portrait in words of your pal, okjimm. Damon Runyon would say "attaboy." ;)

okjimm said...

Sherry... of course it makes sense.. in a nonsensical way. Now, if that had been a BLT inside of a burger....

Ahab... glad you liked it...Randy is, ah, a very unique person

Randal..burgers &Bach for breakfast? Adds some beans and you've got the basic three B's

Leslie...Prosser has had anger management issues several times... and it always seems to be 'someone else's vault, ah, fault.

Susan... but but but if I were President, no one would like me!! and I am short on folks that do as it is!! ;)

Squatlo...Thanks...I really don't put a whole lot of time into writing...mostly from my house to the cafe in the morning...see, if I paid attention to what I wrote, why gosh, the fun would be gone.

Christoper.. Wanna kick my Guv's ass? Well, get in line behind the teachers, the unions, the environmentalists,Municipal Workers, students,clear thinkers,civil libertarians,nice folks... and seeing as most Gay Folks belong to one or more of the above... go right ahead. The Recall is set for jan 12. ;)

Nonnie.... but but but... you know me!

SW...Randy would be a great Supreme Court Justice.... he tries not to work more than a few hours a day and is apt to make decisions by the flip of a coin.

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