Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fox and Fiends

OK.  I have an inquiring mind.  It leads me down paths unimagined.  Which is good, cause mostly when I walk those paths I end up thinking, "Whoa... how did I get here?" and try to scuttle back to a point where the unimagined is best left unimagined.  Like that time I tried a couple of shots of Wild Turkey with some beer chasers.  Oh, boy, you cannot imagine what I didn't unimagined that night!!!

But anywayz... of late... I have run into new blogger folks... and have 'talked' with some on FB as well... and boy&stuff.... I have found some new paths.  see, the esteemed TNlib from PARSLEY'S PICKS posted on FB a NPR link to a book review of Willa Cather....and I went down that path...really didn't like the review... but the next thingee was a review of a book by William Maxwell, who I HAD NEVER READ.  Well, stuff and such.... I am now eating his short stories like popcorn.  Well, who would have imagined.

I also ran into a fellow called INFIDEL753. ...... see, on saturday's he does a complete review of all the cool things, links, posts he has found through the week.....if you really really really want to pick up some neat unimagined paths... check him out on Saturdays. 

WELL......anywayz.... I had a few beers last night with Bill-a-Lang, and George and Karl... no Wild Turkey....but the fun was there, and so was the beer.  When I got home I checked out this "Fox & Friends" thing on the cable cause I hear folks talking about it..... shit... I should have had the Wild Turkey shot!!!  These guys were flapping lips, spewing spittle and generally stumbling over each other trying to say something dumber than the other one had just said.  and Sean Haninsanity looked like some one had just given him a big shot of Novocaine in the old testicle sac and he was grooving on the feeling.  No Shit.  I never saw anyone so proud of having numb nutz!  Well, what with them spinning and churning and telling me that it really was Pat Robertson and Ronald Reagan who put the stop to Osama bin Laden, and how that President of ours should really show the pictures, cause how can Robertson and Reagan get the credit they deserve if he don't.... and such stuff.  Well, I decided that maybe it would be more fun to pick up soft dog shit with chopsticks than to watch this....and when they broke for a commercial.... for.... truly, I cannot make this up... Preparation H... I decided to find something better to watch cause I really was starting to feel a bit of rectal itch.=,  And bless me&stuff there was.. cable TV is a many splendorous thing.

oh... I felt better already.... boy that granny... she asks all the tough questions that Hannity could only hope to ask... like

" How do you like yer possum, falling off the bones tender or with a little fight left in it?"

Yessirre bob!  I learned my lesson.  If I truly want to get divergent views, find new books and music, well gosh, I will find good folks on the net... cause it sure enough is not on Fox.  Boy, I had really really bad dreams, had to get up several times to go to the bathroom... ah, it was terrible.  And I will never never watch Sean Hannity... ever again, see, cause like good old Uncle Jed said....
"if brains was lard, that boy wouldn`t have enough to grease a skillet." 


Randal Graves said...

Why does Uncle Jed hate Saint Ronnie?

What do you think about Wild Turkey as lunch?

okjimm said...

hmmm.. lunch... depends on whether we are talking 'hold the mayo' or 'hold the ice'..... the later works for me.

Sherry Peyton said...

Infidel is great! I use him a lot. As to Fox and Friends...hahaha, well didn't you guess? They are fruitloopy. As to Sean, I cannot watch him for wanting to punch the TV and pull out its guts imagining they are his guts. It is just that visceral with me.

Sue said...

Fox and Friends is putrid, I MEAN PUTRID!! Hannity, well he's just a pink pantie wearing asshat, dumber than a pile of cow manure, as are the whole crew on F and F's! UGH, don't go there ever again, well except for tonight and the GOPPers debate!!

okjimm said...

Sherry, Sue.... I am not going back there..... if you have seen one freak show.... etc. The real deal, beyond being disgusting.... was... it was boring after 15 minutes. Boring... but I guess you have to check things out once or so

S.W. Anderson said...

Nothing is forever. Someday a plug will be pulled and Fox News will be no more. On that day, let the propaganda mill's epitaph be:

"I decided that maybe it would be more fun to pick up soft dog shit with chopsticks than to watch this."


nonnie9999 said...

i join s.w. anderson in applauding your description of what would be more fun than watching faux news, and i agree with the assessment that infidel rocks. he has the best links!

i can fully understand how your mind would associate fox & friends with wild turkeys. they have to be the dumbest people on tv (and i'm including all of maury povich's guests who go on the show for their dna test results).

okjimm said...

well.... I watched as little of the debate.... it was as bad as I thought.... that'll teach me to go around thinking.

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