Monday, April 25, 2011

the weekend that was....ain't much

didn't do much....... and I do that VERY well.

Had some beers with Lee  from Oshkosh Beer   on friday, who says he is closing his blog.... the chump.... but promises to be coming up with something better soon.  I am guessing that he will have a new post up at the old blog as soon as he finds a new beer to report on.

Saturday got a call from my old Buddy, Dimly Lit, (who is now a very successful broker) inviting me out for a late lunch.  He picks the spot.

Now, Bob's Trails End.... is one of the best dumpy bars around.  Opens at 8am.... but they have the best chili dogs, heaped with onions, 3 for $4.75.  Can't be beat.  Nice chat... he is planning on taking his boys up to the Boundary Waters in MN this summer with good old Uncle Rosie.  Had a great chat.

I missed church, again, on Sunday.... hmm... and since the old bunny did not leave me eggs, again... I trucked down to the Roxy and had some cooked for me.  See, the bunny has yet to leave a Bloody Mary and the Roxy delivers 'em.

The Roxy
Homemade spaghetti tossed with Parmesan
cheese, egg and your choice of three
ingredients. Finished with tomatoes and
mozzarella cheese - 6.99

Bubba sent me a package from Portland.  A nice T-shirt from VooDoo Doughnuts.

Sounds like my kind of place.  Maybe next year I will visit him for Easter.  Doughnuts for Easter sound good.

Well, the Ex called.  She is on Spring Break from teaching job and wants to chat.  I think just get caught up, together, about the kids. She is on her way to pick up a new dog from a rescue center down by Madison.  Snickers, the old bishon, is pushing 16 and I think she wants to get a companion dog and a new Buddy for her.
 Plus, I think things are getting tense at her school. The kids she teaches are all sociologically screwed up and I think more than a few have been physically abused.  Most, if not in her classes, would be in juvenile detention, or worse.  Once in awhile she just likes to unburden... and all I have to do is listen.  She serves good tea.   It will be good to see Snickers, too.

so.... I ain't got much today.... but I do that well.


S.W. Anderson said...

That spaghetti/eggs dish at the Roxy sounds interesting. Never heard of it, but I might try to make it.

Randal Graves said...

Of course you didn't get any eggs. You didn't leave a carrot under your pillow.

okjimm said...

SW.... I've done it at home several time... let your imagination be your guide... i do one with ham, garlic, onion and top it with feta. ummerz

Randal... damn, I knew I was doing something wrong!!

susan said...

I hate to imagine just how little fun is involved in teaching at a US school these days. May you have a nice chat and the opportunity to pat Snickers.

Cool shirt even though I never got into Voodoo.

Sue said...

I love all donuts...I always say if I was on death row and asked what I wanted for my last meal I would say 2 dozen donuts....

I ain't got nuttin' either, been a hot humid week and I'm pooped out...

nonnie9999 said...

spaghetti and eggs? i think i'm going to put up a poultry farm right next to my spaghetti bog.

okjimm said...

Susan... I guess vooDoo is the place to go for late nite snacks. I like the T-shirts & by-the-by... if you know any neato-o keen spots for the kids to check out in Portland... they are still exploring. This will be their first summer out there.

Sue... if I am ever on death row... what I would really want... is a key out!!! ;)

nonnie...a spaghetti bog!!! whoa, always wonder where dem noodles came from!!!

susan said...

They closed the Church of Elvis where we once saw a tourist being chased down the stairs by a maddened Elvis waving a guitar.

The Sci-Fi Museum is gone too where it was fun to lie back in the old barber chair listening to theramin music.

Django's record and weird stuff store went bankrupt when they tried to take their business on-line.

The original Spartacus that used to sell true and elegant kink turned into a version of Frederick's.

LaLuna was also a great club just across the Burnside bridge and sadly missed whenever we passed.

On the plus side, Roseland and the Crystal Ballroom were still there as was Berbati's Pan for those who like live music. There's also a very neat little club called the Mississippi in an out of the way east side hippie neighborhood.

There was a unique video store with a great collection of b-movies called Movie Madness. Not sure if it's still there and besides, not many odd videos made the dvd transition.

I never was fond of NW 23rd and Hawthorne St. didn't make the personal cut either. However, the Baghdad in the Hollywood neighborhood was still pretty cool.

It's too early to think of more right off the top of my head. So many little businesses fell to the greed of non-developing developers in the last decade I'm feeling a little jaded. Who wants to ride an aerial tram that cost $50 million to a hospital that has no roller coaster on the roof? It just ain't natural.

okjimm said...

Wow... susan, I will pass along the recmmds I think he is on the NE side. I now he has found some local pubs with good beer and cheap food. the have also adopted a feral cat that now lives under their porch.(can't come mate allergies) the got the cat a flea collar and a new bed... and the cat keeps rabbits and mice away.

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