Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The Pink Floyd Polka" & such ¬ much of nothing... again

I still ain't got much.  It's been one day of sunshine and three days of rain.  I did find a video of a favorite local band, Copper Box, when they were playing down in San Antonio.  A real gas especially after a few beers.
ok..... lessee, what else.  Oh, I got a nice email from a guy named Vincent who stumbled across this photo that I had posted a while back.
Vincent runs a Chinese Restaurant and was wondering where I got the costume.  I had to be honest and emailed him back that I just grabbed the costume p;ic off the net and that my blog really isn't about eggrolls or Chinese food.... he mailed back saying thanks and stuff... I forgot to ask where he was from... and if he delivered... cause it made me thinkg of getting some LoMein.

Speaking of costumes..... I came across a pic of the kids and their cousins from a parade we participated in , I think it was the 4th of July and the theme was 'Patriotism' or some such.  The Ex made the signs and costumes... and I pulled the wagon.  Ya gotzta teach the children well, see.

Friend of mine stopped yesterday on his way back to Port Washington.  Tom and I go back 35 years or more and I do miss him.  Back in the 80's we brewed beer together.... made some very good ones, some really bad batches.... but we never failed to make a mess.  It was a good chat over pizza and beer... and old stories were told.  He used to have and old Cadillac, one of those big monster with the long tail fins.  He had bought it for a couple of hundred, filled in the rust holes with wood putty and fixed up what he could.  When he said he thought it needed a paint job, well we found a deal on 'silver' metallic paint, got out the brushes and rollers and painted it!!!  I think it was right after making a batch of the really good beer.  I remember when we would get a foursome for golf, drive up in that thing to the club house.... seems like we never had a problem, 'playing through'.

OK.... Next time I will try to write something of great political or philosophical or sociological impact.... but probably not.
It's little early...  but I think I am going for Lo Mein.


Gavrillo said...

"Careful with that ax Eugene."

okjimm said...

Ya, right.... Polka is dangerous! My Aunt Agnes broke a hip doing the Polka! .... and it was a rather tame Polish one~!

S.W. Anderson said...

Well, as long as you always got to make a big mess, it wasn't for naught, righ? :)

Sherry Peyton said...

Here's a question. Do you think they still make accordians? I mean there wouldn't seem to be much of a market. I sure do miss me some good old polka dancing...ohhh the colors, the dresses, the snappy leisure suits!
Oh, and I solved the mystery of the "off comments" and got em back on....

okjimm said... the kitchen would smell like a brewery for days!

Sherry...oh sure they still make them!!! as long as there are Polish/German weddings, there will be accordions. There is a band out of San Francisco, Those Darn Accordions, a six piece accordion band, that plays nothing but rock songs, for accordions. I have seen them several times... F"UN

nonnie9999 said...

thank you for the most enjoyable late afternoon music break. i loved that! i have to ask a question, because i might need new glasses. was someone playing a harmonica, or did the accordion sound that much like a harmonica at certain times?

p.s. thanks for pointing out that was an eggroll, because i was wondering why you posted a pic of a walking turd.

okjimm said...

nonnie... I think it was the accordion... but wht do I know.

susan said...

There needs to be more time made again just for being silly. Silly is both refreshing and harmless. I love the picture of the kids.

okjimm said...

thanks susan.... somewhere I have one of Miriam holding a sign, "Make cookies, not War" a fav.

Randal Graves said...

Dammit, now I'm hungry for some Chinese. I'm glad Lent's over so I can go back to being a cannibal. Gotta win the future somehow.

okjimm said...

Randal.... just doan buy egg rolls from Ray's... never know what is in them!!

bat said...

Damn I'm numb!
And lovin it!
Great blog..made my day
I played in a band "Spud Puppies"
had accordian,if ya can't have a fiddle have accordian

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