Friday, March 4, 2011

Just a modest proposal

This is a pretty State.... Wisconsin.  It really is.  Governor Walker is messing with it.  He really is.

One small item on his BUDGET REPAIR BILL would eliminate all recycling mandates.  Yupperz.  In essence.... shut down recycling efforts throughout the state.  I don't have time, resources to run dollare figures.  I don't. Really.  But the impact is basically.... throw it all in a landfill.  I guess recycling is bad for big business.  There are other items in the budget that would relax pollution controls on manufacturing...... pollution is GOOD for Business and helps create jobs.

So here is a simple, modest proposal.  Wisconsin has a great system of Parks, Forests, Trails.... and I would not doubt that Walker has plans to sell them off..... but back to the budget..... listen up... Wisconsin had over 13 Million visitors to the State parks..... add a dollar.... $1..... to the current fee.... That's $26MM in a two year period.  Wisconsin has about 1 Million deer hunters, bow and gun.... add a dollar.... $1 to the license fee.  $2MM over a two year period.  Now that may not fix all that needs to be fixed.... but it is an idea, see, and we need some ideas, not just for now... but for going forward.

But Walker has said he will not negotiate..... will not add taxes or fees....or come up with other ideas.
What a piece of nonsense, bullshit.

See.... he has decided what is BEST FOR BUSINESS IS WHAT IS BEST FOR WISCONSIN!!!

Now, I am not the smartest man in the world....but I learned a long time ago from Dear Old Dad... that there are many ways to get a job done..... that even if you have a great idea, someone else can improve it.  Dad once told me, "Son, we get there faster if there are two guys paddling the canoe."

I guess Scott Walker did not have a smart Dad, cause he sure doesn't know how to p;addle a canoe. 


Randal Graves said...

I see someone doesn't want Wisconsinonia to experience growth, growth that will enable everyone to work at minimum wage so all the money that flows upwards will be used for even more growth that's how an economy works hippie.

okjimm said...

Well.... minimum wage is the next thing the asshole will go after!

Stockpiling doughnutz and beer right now while I still can afford them.

Sherry Peyton said...

Your suggests sound quite socialistic comrade.

Lee said...

Yup, and the hunters of Wisconsin support this goon! There's quite a bit of masochism at work here. Gun racks and nipple clamps!

okjimm said...

SHERRY.... I certainly did not make a dig at Hunters....I would say 90% of them at a Conservationist estimate... are folks very involved in land stewardship and preserving environment.... the other 10% are probably from Illanois... And , just to let you know... I think tonight I am gonna have a Socialist Porter and salute my Iowa Comrade! :)

Lee... Whoa...nipple clamps big enough to put on a gun Rack!!!! Radical!!!
Youse gonna be at the Spot? Five-ish? Masochism? Who Brews that and what is the ABV? Masochism Pale Ale... has a ring to it..... hehehehe

Shaw Kenawe said...

What do Wisconsinites think of Walker's attack on recycling?

Will he go after Planned Parenthood next?

Do Wisconsinites really want to live in the 1950s?

okjimm said...

Shaw... he has.... and Head Start, Disability Learning,Medicaid..... and I got a letter, personal, from him.....

He wants my penny jar and all my old football cards.

Billie Greenwood said...

He's even sellin' the dogs from the pound to science. Lawd have mercy! I think I will send Wisconsin my box tops, soup labels and clipped coupons. Youse guys must really be strapped for cash!

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