Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loose Cannon in Wisconsington

Scott Walknutz has created a US and Them mentality in Wisconsin......which is sad, because, mostly there was always an US Attitude.  Well, minus a few Chicago Bear fans that come out of the closet in the fall.  Walker would like to make it seem a budget issue, that he has to get rid of unions.... READ MORE.... but the sadness is that he considers no other option... has revealed a closed mind that can not grasp any other solution.  It's my way or the highway.  Blow me or Fuck you.

And that's sad. America was always a nation of innovators.  He has offered nothing innovative.  We compromise and try to work together. He shows no willingness to work together.  And he talks gibberish.... stating first he was opposed to toll roads in Wisconsin... the then said... for "Some Lanes" he would support it.  We have never had toll roads. has become very clear.... That Walknutz doesn't mean what he says...... and says what he doesn't mean.....

the real problem.... is that this may spread.... I think we need to quarantine the State.

I would not encourage anyone to come here for vacation, business, recration, hunting.... and writee a letteer to Scott Walker telling him why.

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East CapitolMadison WI 53702

Phone(608) 266-1212

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susan said...

Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world.

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